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Our professional video production and videography services are easy to commission, whether you’re a seasoned pro or if you’re producing video for the first time. We take the time to understand your requirements: how your video will be used and what it needs to achieve.

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What exactly can Pocket Creatives help me with?

The Pocket Creatives team are highly adept at providing professional video production services (and top quality finished videos) that can be used for promoting brands, for social media, hero videos for your website, crowdfunding campaign videos, event coverage, internal communications and for tv advertising. Our flexibility and experience also means that we can adapt our approach to meet any challenge or brief.

A Snapshot of our Video Production Portfolio

Beauty and Cosmetics Videos

When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, our professional video production services are used to promote brand products. We can do this by creating brand films, delivering lifestyle content, covering cosmetic product launches and beauty events, and more.

Food & Drink Videos

In our food & drink portfolio you’ll find some great examples of our videos for food & drink and recipe videos. These are commonly used for social media engagement or to promote food brands, so we’ll often make different versions for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, with further differences depending on if it’s a story or a post. We mentioned that we’re highly adaptable, and this portfolio really shows it!

Product Videos

Product video creation allows us to show-off the features of a product, in the form of unboxing, how to, demo and product launch videos. These can also overlap with our crowdfunding videos which rely on telling a brand or product story as part of a campaign launch.

Event Videos

We love events, at least, when we’re allowed to mix with people properly! When you contract us for an event video project we can provide any level of service ranging from simple event videography, right up to fully expansive multi-camera event video production services. We can also deliver tailored promotional videos or longer conference-style corporate videos from larger events if you wish, and you’ll see a good mix of everything in our portfolio!

Crowdfunding Videos

If you have a fundraising project on a crowdfunding website, then you should know that a good-quality video is a key part of your pitch. When done right, a crowdfunding video can be instrumental in educating people about your project and attracting backers too. Over the years we’ve done quite a few crowdfunding videos that helped their projects take another step forward to becoming reality, or to the next stretch goal – you’ll find the best examples right here in our portfolio!

Other gems…

Over our years in the professional video production business, we’ve also worked on a number of projects that don’t quite fit into one of the genres that we’ve already spoken about. That doesn’t mean that they’re not just as awesome and deserving of being shown off though – so we’ve grouped together this final portfolio to give them a home!

TV Ads

We’ve produced a number of ads for TV over the years, and support the process from collaborating over the creative inception, to managing the Clearcast process, through production, edit and delivery.

What You Can Expert When You Partner With Us For Professional Video Production

How We Work

We aim to simplify the video production commissioning process as much as possible. So, at the start of your project we’ll sit down with you to thoroughly discuss your brief, and to understand your vision and goals for the project. We’ll cover things like our flexible quoting options and your budget at this point too.. After defining the project scope, we’ll finalise the creative approach, set dates for key milestones, and capture footage.

The edit phase – which is typically longer than the pre-production or production phases, includes multiple days for review and changes to be made, in order to make your video the best end product it can be.. Throughout the post-production process we’ll be happy to provide online viewing copies for review, or you can join us for in-person editing.

Top-Notch Tech & Tools

Our video production relies on cutting-edge Panasonic S1H cameras, offering exceptional image quality in challenging lighting. These cameras support up to 6K resolution and high-quality slow motion.

We also offer customised solutions with RED, Blackmagic, Canon C Series, and Kinefinity Mavo cameras, again providing up to 6K capture with enhanced detail and impactful slow-motion capabilities. Standard additions to this video capture equipment include sound, lighting, and creative options like sliders, gimbals, and GoPros, with further additional features available.

A Complete Package

We offer comprehensive in-house video production services covering pre-production, planning, scripting, talent and location sourcing, production, edit, QC, and delivery. Various strategic partnerships support our operations too – covering us for things like on-screen talent identification and hiring, specialised equipment hire, and studio spaces. Additionally, our recommended suppliers offer agency, digital, design, and web services.

The Three Stages of Professional Video Production, and why Sticking to Them Matters

Professional video production stands as the cornerstone of impactful visual storytelling, since understanding and mastering the intricate stages of video production is crucial for delivering content that captivates audiences. This guide explores the three essential stages of that process, providing insights into the nuances of each step.

Stage 1: Pre-Production

Professional video production‘s first phase, pre-production, lays the foundation for success. It involves meticulous planning and preparation, ensuring a seamless execution in the subsequent stages.

Planning – The real-world goals for the finished project, as well as a clear creative vision are key variables within a video production project that need to be established early on. Likewise, understanding how much money you have to work with and just how you’re going to achieve those goals on that budget are also important questions to answer.

Scripting – Crafting an effective video script is an art that requires attention to detail. From narrative flow to compelling dialogue, each element contributes to the script’s overall impact.

Talent and Location Sourcing – The success of a professional video production project can hinge on the talent and locations chosen. Strategic sourcing of actors and ideal settings can elevate the production’s overall quality – and for logistical reasons, ease of planning, as well as sheer common sense, it’s best that talent and location scouting take place as part of the pre-production phase.

Stage 2: Production

With the groundwork laid in pre-production, the production stage is where the magic really happens. Utilising professional equipment and implementing directorial tips are pivotal for achieving high-quality footage.

What You Use – Investing in professional-grade equipment is non-negotiable for a professional video production company, because the quality of the equipment you’re using really can make a big difference to the end product. Since we’ve already told you about the equipment that we use in a previous section, you can rest assured that when you choose Pocket Creatives you’re getting the best of the best, not only in terms of professional video production expertise, but equipment too!

How You Use It – A proper understanding of how to capture the footage you need well, video lighting, any brief you may have been given, and the ability to manage and work with the people both in front of and behind the camera are all key linchpins of any successful shoot. However, at the same time there are other practical and technical considerations such as makeup, hair styling, and even knowledge of what doesn’t need to be captured because it can be accomplished in post-production. All of these things need to be dealt with competently.

Stage 3: Post-production & Editing

Post-production is where the raw footage transforms into a polished, final product. Ensuring quality control and understanding delivery formats are critical aspects of this stage.

Quality Control (QC) – From grading and colour correction to audio mixing, balancing and enhancement, to the design and application of any graphics or animations that the finished video may need –  all of these and more have a big contribution to make towards a top quality end product. As a result, high standards need to be set, and maintained all the way through to the end.

Delivery – Even when the finished video is complete, it still needs to be handed over to the client properly. You need to make sure that the files you provide are in the right format, shot or cropped to the right display size and resolution, and composed in a way that will be suitable for the platform a given video is to be used on (e.g. not providing an Instagram reel that’s 30 minutes long). Understanding various delivery formats and implementing best practices for client delivery is essential for a successful video production project.

The Importance of Following these Stages

So, those are the three stages of video production – but why will a good provider of professional video production stick to the timeline and broad working practices that you’ve just learned about? Here’s why:

Consistency – Consistency is an important part of professional video production. Good providers need to be able to achieve a certain level of quality with their finished videos time and again, and having an established procedural framework like these basic ‘stages’ in place – milestones that can guide the development and production of any given project forward – will help them to do so.

Time and Cost Efficiency – Likewise, it can also help the client too. With the framework of the stages in place, professional video production providers will be able to divide up the project as a whole into smaller tasks. This means they can give their client a clearer picture in terms of precise timescales and anticipated cost, that they have something they can use to base project management around, and make sure that the time and money dedicated to the project is being used well.

What’s the Difference Between Videography and Professional Video Production?

In the realm of visual storytelling, understanding the nuances between videography and professional video production is essential for making informed decisions. This article delves into the distinctions between the two, shedding light on their scope, skillsets, creative processes, and more. So, let’s take some time to unravel “The Difference Between Videography and Professional Video Production.”

Understanding Videography and Professional Video Production

Videography, at its core, involves capturing moments on video. It’s often an individual endeavour, characterised by its simplicity and a focus on documenting events. On the other hand, professional video production is a comprehensive process that goes beyond mere recording. It encompasses strategic planning, creative direction, and adherence to industry standards.

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Scope and Purpose

When it comes to the scope of videography, it’s often associated with capturing personal events like weddings, birthdays, or travel experiences. Videographers typically handle short-term projects, providing a raw documentation of the moment. In contrast, professional video production extends its reach into the business realm, serving industries with long-term projects.

Skillset and Equipment

Videographers typically operate as individuals, relying on basic equipment and a set of personal skills. This DIY approach allows for flexibility but may lack the sophistication required for certain projects. In contrast, professional video production teams boast a diverse skillset, including scriptwriting, directing, and editing. They also leverage advanced equipment to ensure top-notch quality.

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Creative Process

The creative process in videography is often spontaneous, with a focus on capturing the essence of the moment. Short-term projects allow for flexibility and a more immediate connection with the subject. On the other hand, professional video production involves meticulous planning, script development, and strategic execution. It caters to long-term projects, requiring a comprehensive and strategic creative approach.

Quality and Standards

Videography can produce quality content with a DIY approach, but it may lack the polish associated with professional standards. True professional video production adheres closely to these industry standards, ensuring consistency, quality, and a polished final product.


Budget Considerations

Videography projects often come with lower budget requirements, making it accessible for personal events and smaller projects. Conversely, professional video production involves a higher investment, reflecting the comprehensive planning, equipment, and skilled professionals required for long-term projects.

Deliverables and Final Products

Videography deliverables often include raw footage, allowing clients to capture the unfiltered essence of the moment. In contrast, professional video production delivers comprehensive packages, including edited videos that meet specific client needs.

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Videography and video production services


Pre-production planning and scripting






Custom backgrounds


Video editing

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Location sourcing


Hair and makeup artists






Graphics and motion


Models, actors and voice artists


Studio hire




Special equipment upgrades

What They Say

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“Fun, innovative and unflappable. Pocket Creatives are great to work with – whether it’s finding the perfect lighting for a trifle to capturing GoPro footage on a whisk, they always approach every situation with a steady yet game-changing attitude. I see the whole team as trusted creative partners to make great content together.”

Kitty Aldis, River Group


Pocket Creatives is a superstar team that has consistently delivered above and beyond for the multiple projects they have worked on for us at realme. From product launch video production, video livesteaming and model photography, Steven and his talented team have met the brief and produced engaging and polished content. Starting with initial contact then meetings to parse out the project’s requirements, planning, shooting days and editing, the process is always so seamless, professional and adept – even in the tightest of deadlines. The team approaches every brief with enthusiasm, bringing great ideas and flexibility when it comes to execution. Pocket Creatives is our first point of call when it comes to video production services and photography work and we highly recommend them!”

Giang Cao, realme

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“The guys at Pocket Creatives were super knowledgeable and helpful – I definitely felt as though our video project was in safe hands! They were flexible and adaptable to what we needed and the content they produced for us was fantastic!”

Alice Morgan, The Telegraph

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“The Pocket team were a pleasure to work with, not only were they super prepared, on time and professional but the quality of work they delivered in a short space of time was fab. I would recommend Pocket Creatives for their video production services, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and are thrilled with our short video.”

Holly Sud, DrPawPaw

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“We were recommended Pocket Creatives by our PR agency, and have been thrilled with their professionalism, responsiveness, willingness to implement feedback and flexibility. Our internal challenges often mean we’re a little last minute and work to short deadlines, but Pocket have exceeded our expectations and created a high standard of work with very little guidance. We’ve already commissioned additional activity and will be continuing to send work their way in the months and years to come.”

Hayley Hall, Innovaderma/Skinny Tan

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Pocket Creatives were just what we had been looking for. Having a creative team that understand how the brand must communicate, with consistent and clean imagery is critical and PC really capture this. A lovely team to boot, who are obsessed with the detail and getting the most from the brief. Great team, multi-disciplined and talented bunch.”

Susie Willis, Romilly Wilde