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Video production in London

As if starting a business isn’t hard enough, we went and dived into one of the most competitive markets in one of the busiest cities in the world, offering video production in London!

behind the scenes of video production in london unboxing walkthrough video
behind the scenes of video production in london unboxing walkthrough video
behind the scenes of video production unboxing walkthrough video

We’re just over two and a half years into our journey, so this isn’t fresh news, so why are we posting this blog? Well, what becomes more and more important as time goes on and as we grow and develop our services, is that we become more unique and are able to give potential clients a reason to choose us over one of our competitors, particularly in London. Video production is notoriously difficult to set yourselves apart from your competitors and others in your space. We think that the basis of the services that are offered should be as standard. We’re professionals, right – so you’d expect us to have pro-level kit and be masters of our trade. We should know how to film, light, record sound and edit together. These can’t be USPs, they’re a standard part of offering video production in London or anywhere else. Admittedly we still talk about some of these aspects to prospective clients, mainly for the benefit of those that haven’t commissioned video before.

So what can set you aside in this space, set aside from those that you’re competing with to provide video production in London? We believe it’s a combination of mentality and service. Personally, I’ve always believed that, whatever kind of business you have, quality of communication and service has to be top. People are increasingly buying from companies whose values align with their own – really evident in one of the industries that we work in extensively: food and drink. Here, customers want to know who they buying from, are they a ‘good’ company, do they treat their staff well, are they responsible, do they use recycled packaging etc. This is becoming more true of our industry now too.

One piece of feedback that we’ve had repeatedly since we started providing video production in London is that prospective clients very rarely feel that we’re just delivering a sales pitch. This is important to us, as we have always adopted am honest line of communication – and we work hard to understand as much about a client, their business, and their product or service as possible so that we can advise and support them. If we simply sold our services, we would have no idea if we’re offering good value for video production in London, or whether a delivered video is likely to be a success or not. Consultation is a key part of the initial stages of working with us, and we find that this also helps to build a strong rapport as well as allowing us to earn some trust right at the start of the relationship.

What’s crucial in all of this is having the right team. I like to think that we’ve recruited well, and we are very careful about who we let loose on our clients! Getting the right people into any business is one of hardest challenges that face any company owner, and it’s certainly not easy. In some ways we’ve been lucky, but we’ve always known what we look for – and it’s amazing how much following of your gut helps. We tend to pick those who show excellent potential but just need the space and trust to grow. Having a team full of people in this position breeds a group keen on taking ownership, who are proud of their work, providing video production in London because it’s what they really want to do, and are here because they really want to be – not just because they’re earning their rent or because we’re a ladder-step to something else. What we realised in our last end of year meeting is that we’re all here for a reason, me included! I started Pocket as I wanted to make my vision for what I regarded an excellent creative business a reality. I wanted to share this, I wanted a team to contribute and co-own, and I wouldn’t have got this any other way than by starting up something new and fresh. Our young team are all here because they can get hands on, learn and develop their skills for video production in London and in an environment that’s encouraging, with a mentality of us all being in it together. All of this is becoming more and more apparent to us, as out team grows each year, as our offering widens beyond video production in London and our other core services, the pressure on us grows with bigger and more exciting projects.

With each jump on our growth we’re confronted by the question of who we are and why people would want to work with us. What’s our USP, can we really compete with the bigger boys out there? When it comes to video production in London and other services, the resounding answer has always been that yes we can. As for our USPs, the proof will always be in the pudding – do we really need USPs, or if we continue to do what we do, really well, will our clients keep coming back? Will they recommend us to others? Will we look an attractive proposition for video production in London against our competitors? I’ve always said to our team that we could deliver the best video in the world, but if the client has a dreadful experience on the way there – they’re probably not coming back. This is why service will always stay front of mind.

“We’re immensely proud of our progress as a company in such a relatively short period of time. We’ve had a lot of opportunities to plan our next stages of growth and company development over these past few months and have made an important new team hire along with moving into a brand new production studio. The future is looking very bright.” say Pocket Creatives Company Directors Haider and Lauren

behind the scenes in video production
behind the scenes in video production
behind the scenes in video production

We started a production company in London, and we’re not just competing in one of the busiest cities in the world, we’re thriving, we have a happy team and clients who return regularly. This is what gives us the confidence to know that we must be doing something right.

Steven Mayatt, Creative Director

Steven Mayatt of Pocket Creatives

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“Fun, innovative and unflappable. Pocket creatives are great to work with – whether it’s finding the perfect lighting for trifle to capturing GoPro footage on a whisk, they always approach every situation with a steady yet game-changing attitude. I see the whole team as trusted creative partners to make great content together.”

Kitty Aldis, River Group

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“I have been working with Steven and the brilliant Pocket Creatives crew for 3 years – in fact since they started out. They have captured in excess of 100 recipes, produced 7 videos including 2 crowdfunding campaigns, their work, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction second to none. What’s more is how they have developed, evolved and grown in creativity, experience, and inspiration.
On a personal front the individuals in the team have to most wonderful personalities – an absolute joy to work with!”

Tanya Robertson-Lambert, Tanya’s Just Real

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“I worked with Steven and his Pocket Creatives team to create a recipe video, and I couldn’t recommend their services enough! From the ideation stage, through to filming and editing the finished product, at every stage, the whole team were first-class, going above and beyond to create a compelling, high-quality recipe video that generated heaps of engagement. I would definitely work them again.”

Ben Cullen, OLIO

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