Video Production For Business

Video production for business is now right up there in importance with getting your branding right and having a website that acts as your storefront. The use of video in business has continually increased for years now, and with the growing list of video production companies, video production agencies, even freelance videographers – creating video has never been easier or more affordable.

video production for business

Video production for business: The Benefits

Video can be used to tell your story, explain a service or demonstrate the use of a product. A single video can deliver more information in more detail and with more life than text or a photograph can, and that gives it a huge boost as a medium. If you think back to the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, consider that video expresses 25 frames per second – so with video production for business, the opportunities to communicate with your audience or your customer are huge.

One benefit of creating a video production for business purposes is flexibility. You can use it on your website, on social media, in product listings, or for advertising. The scope is incredibly wide.

video production for business

Video production for business: What Can Be Created

At Pocket Creatives, we find ourselves producing familiar sets of video content for our clients, regardless of the industry that they’re in, and that gives us a really good base to explain where and how video can be used for you.

The most common uses for video are:

Crowdfunding campaign videos – if you’re looking to raise funds through crowdfunding, then video will form a crucial part of your overall campaign

About us video – customers are increasingly altering their buying choices so that they shop from those with certain alignments: such as those who are ecologically or vegan friendly

Brand video – a brand video can be an all-singing, all dancing whizz-through what your company is, what it does, and what it stands for or it can be based around expressing the products and services offered

Product videos – video production based around promoting the USPs and usage of a given product or sets of products

How to videos – commonly used in beauty, to demonstrate how to create apply make up, beauty products and cosmetics

Unboxing videos – frequently used to support new product and technology releases from mobile phone brands to Bluetooth speakers, headphones and other consumer goods

Recipe videos – to show how to create food or drinks dishes, usually step by step in approach and supported by a chef or in text

Advertisements – arguably the most expensive version of video production for business: the advert – which may be for TV, or used socially on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Social media video content – here video production for business can include individual clips for daily or regular posts to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN

Lookbooks – if you’re in fashion, then you’ll already make these using photography, lookbook videos add greater life and energy to a fashion line

Vlog videos – an increasingly popular way to utilise video production for business is to give an insight into the people who are involved in a company

Fitness videos – exercise routines, made increasingly popular during COVID lockdown, are designed to be followed along by viewing participants

Event videos – if your business revolves around events then showing it in situ with the public is a powerful way to demonstrate its usage


There are hundreds more applications, of course, where consumer buying behaviour and specific business to business needs.

video production for business

Video production for business: The Process

Just like any other video project, video production for business is broken down into 3 main stages: pre-production, production and post-production.

But, before you can enter pre-production, you would have to agree on an outline of your video, potentially a draft script, the budget and the schedule. In the section below ‘where to start’, I go into some more detail that can help with this, but going into your opening conversations with a video production company are made slightly easier if you know how much you have to spend, what needs to be included and when the video needs to be ready by.

Essentially, pre-production is the planning stage. Here is where locations are found, scripts are written, actors are sourced and technical plans start to be drawn up. Your video production company will involve you with all of these aspects, although they will take the lead – providing you with options to choose from. You should only move onto the next step once you’re happy with the script and shooting plan, as re-shoots are costly.

Production is the fun part and where the cameras come out. This is the shortest part of the process and the most stressful, as most of the heavy costs in the budget are what pays for the shooting day(s). Video shoots can run for a single day or span many, and expect that the more days you’re in production for, the more expensive the overall process will be.

Post-production is more friendly known as video editing. If you’re not familiar with the process, it takes longer than you expect: all of the shot video content needs to be ingested into the edit system, organised and reviewed before anything can actually be put together. The starting point for a video editor is to get an initial assembly created, which is then built into a first draft with music and guide text. This usually then has tweaks and changes made internally before being shared with you for feedback and changes. Once any changes are made, the video then has all of its guide elements upgraded: music usually has its audible watermark removed, text is rebuilt using brand colours and the correct font, graphics added in. From here, the audio goes through a ‘mix’ which helps to optimise the sound quality, and any speech is balanced in volume with the music. Lastly, the video footage is ‘graded’ – it’s an odd term but it’s like Photoshopping – every single shot is adjusted for optimal brightness, contrast and colour balance to give consistency and an overall look is then applied depending on whether the mood is supposed to be bright and vibrant or dark and moody.

A final QC process, and then it’s yours! Although, if you want different shapes and sizes for social media usage, that comes after approving this first master version.

video production for business

Video production for business: How To Choose A Video Production Company

This isn’t an easy question to answer, but in short, budget may dictate what level/experience of company you can work with, and instinct will help you make the final decision.

Find a good handful of companies who specialise in video production for business that you believe can do what you’re looking for. Use their portfolio pages on their website to create a shortlist of no less than 3 companies who produce good quality work, and then send them as much information that you have. Arrange a call to discuss the project in more detail, and you’ll also be able to get a good feel as to whether you’ll like working with them too – will they listen to your requests? Will the be easy and enjoyable to work with?

Your other option is to lean on your network and ask for recommendations. Someone you know will have had to create a video.

video production for business

Video production for business: Where To Start

Consider the problem that you’re trying to solve through the commission off your video. Just wanting video can be a costly mistake if the execution isn’t right, and so investigating the best approach in video production for business should start with a reason why.

For example, are you trying to generate awareness of your product? Do you need to show people how to se something? Do your customers know which supermarket to find you in? Are you trying to tell people about your company? Find the reason and stay true to this.

Once you have have this reason, it becomes the heart of your brief, and gives you something to build around. From here, think about what needs to be included – don’t start writing scripts or anything like that, but a healthy set of bullet points will usually do the trick. The purpose of this is that you will have to brief a video production company, and having this information to hand will usually make the entry into this discussion much easier and much quicker.

Ultimately, video production for business is a service, and so there will be a cost involved. Most video production companies will charge by the day for their services and so if they have as much information as possible, they should be able to work out how much pre-production time, how many shooting days, and how many edit days are required – along with other elements such as actors, locations, music and props etc

Rely on the production company to the do what they do best and give you suggestions on how to put it all together.

video production for business

Commissioning video production for business use is a really enjoyable process, albeit a bit daunting for a first-timer. But persevere – once the video is ready it will prove to be an invaluable asset for your company.

If we can provide any help, advice or support, please feel like you can get in touch and have a chat with our team.

video production for business