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Photo vs. Video
The advantages of Video, with a video and photography company

Last week the team here at Pocket Creatives began the ‘photo vs. video’ debate, showing off three specific use-cases where photography is still the best option for your project. However, in that piece the team at our video and photography company also said that we could think of a similar set of use cases where video is clearly the way to go.

Today we’re delivering on our promise from last time, so stay tuned and join Pocket Creatives below as London’s elite video and photography company explore a few more situations in which video has the edge over traditional still photography.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

video and photography company

When You Need To Show Movement

Again, you don’t need to work at a video and photography company to understand this one. Now, we’re not saying that traditional photography can’t show movement – indeed it can, but when it does it only captures a single moment in that motion, as well as introducing things like motion blur that need to be dealt with or managed.

Of course, video has motion blur too, but it’s less apparent since you’re essentially viewing upwards of 25 photos per second, rendering the rate at which all the elements in your shoot change position more fluid, and making things like blur less jarring.

video and photography company

When You Need Sound

Okay, we may be going off on a bit of a tangent with this one, but there’s no getting around it – you simply can’t hear a photo. So, anytime you want to pair visual elements with audio elements, the advice of our video and photography company is that the most practical way to do so is by using video. That’s not to say that there aren’t other ways to do it, but none offer the sheer control over exactly what is seen or heard and when, and the ability to easily keep your audio and your visuals in locked-step like video does.

video and photography company

When You Need To Show Different Angles

Again, as a video and photography company we know that you can also do this with still photography. However, video has the edge because when you change angles or shift position you can also show that transition, and how your perspective changes and your light source gradually moves as you reposition your camera.

This ability might be crucial in some shoots too. To illustrate this, think of a dark car, parked on a street at night. If your only light source is the street lighting, you may not initially be able to see or distinguish all of the car from the black of night. However, as you move around the car both your camera and your eyes will pick up on how the various glints and highlights move across the body of the vehicle – and as our video and photography company knows – this movement can help your eyes (or a viewer’s) understand the car’s true shape even in such a low-contrast situation.

video and photography company

When You Can’t Deliver Your Message in a Single Image

One of the photography advantages London’s leading video and photography company spoke about last week was the ability for photos to stand alone and tell a story in a single image. However, we also know that such an approach doesn’t work in all circumstances, and so sometimes it just will not produce the great results you want.

When that happens, it’s time to switch to video. As we’ve seen both in the points above and the ones we raised last week, video offers the freedom that’s needed in these situations to string together multiple shots and multiple angles – so you can take your time, get all of the shots you want (or need) and then edit them together to present your message just how you want to.

There are more advantages to both disciplines than our video and photography company has been able to talk about over the course of these two blogs, but don’t despair – if you’d like some advice that’s more tailored to your unique circumstances, or the demands of a specific shoot then feel free to get in touch with London’s leading video and photography company anytime via our contact us page!

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