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Video production at Pocket Creatives gets even more exciting!

At Pocket Creatives, for over the past two years our Sony A7s II has been the production workhorse for many of our video production projects, from filming coffee crowdfunding campaigns in the Canaries, to the production of Co-op’s salted caramel ice cream in Cornwall, and ’til this day it has reliably and consistently met both ours and the client’s expectations in video production.

As we have gained bigger projects and worked with clients with more complex requirements, we’ve hired in the appropriate equipment to meet demand, such as a variety of high-end cameras to allow us to film in super slow motion in various frame rates up to a resolution of 6K, internal RAW codecs which allow for incredible flexibility in post-production and in some cases, simply to maximise our on-set efficiency within projects that have very limited time frames. It’s an exciting time in the world of video production at Pocket Creatives!

Below is a list of the top cameras we’ve used over the last year with some positive and negatives that come with using each system.

We have trusted Sony with most of our small and big productions for years, so it only made sense for our first big hire to be a camera from the same brand. We used the Sony FS7 for a product shoot which required slow motion in 4K with a large dynamic range to allow for great flexibility in post-production. Aside from being great capturing products, the cameras ergonomics, usability and reliability means the Sony FS7 is still one of the best cameras around for run-and-gun type shooting, as well as event and interview work, perfect for a large amount of our clients in the events industry.

The Canon C200 is a fantastic workhorse with reliability and ease of use at its heart. This camera is well suited for a variety of both high- and low-end productions. Similar to the Sony FS7, the Canon C200 has perfect features for run and gun situations where time is limited on set. The difference is that the Canon C200 performs better in low light situations and has a unique cinematic feel to the image which is important for certain productions and is certainly required for some clients.

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6k is known for its phenomenal image within controlled lighting environments such as studio productions of film sets. We used this camera paired with Canon EF Cinema lenses for our first TV advert production where we were required to capture skin tones as accurate as possible with a pleasant filmic look. The perfect lighting combined with state-of-the-art lenses and a powerful internal RAW codec meant we had no issues making the footage look incredible in post-production. The camera exceeded the client’s expectations and will definitely be used for similar projects in the future.

RED has become one of the most well-known camera manufacturers of recent times so when we needed a camera to capture flying colourful fruits, herbs and oils moving at high speeds (as you do!) the RED Epic Mysterium X was a great match with its ability to shoot super slow motion at a 2K resolution. This camera doesn’t stop at flying fruit, it’s modular build means it can adapt to many different kinds of production requirements, including hanging from drones, attaching to Steadicams, mounting onto the sides of cars or robotic arms – you name it and the camera could probably mount onto it. This camera combined with lot’s of light gave us some incredible slow motion footage.

Kinefinity is a up and coming video camera manufacture with an exciting range of new cameras with powerful features. We picked up the Kinefinity Mavo LF as it boasted 6K slow motion and fantastic low light performance, all of which were great features for a production involving running water and foamy soap! We also paired the Kinefinity with Zeiss Cinema lenses which allowed for a beautifully sharp and filmic look. The image captured by this camera was nothing short of incredible. Beautiful colours, skin tones and sharpness, with a unique overall look, which amounted for a very cinematic look. The modular system and great low light performance make this one of the most versatile cameras on this list. This is definitely one of my top favourites.

In 2019 we invested in the new Panasonic Lumix S1H and S5 cameras to spearhead our video production projects, which offers us up to 6K, with wonderful handling and internal processing.

It has been an incredible experience using all these cameras for all different kinds of video production projects and the knowledge gained has expanded our creative potential, meaning we can keep providing amazing content for all of our clients, no matter the challenge.

You can see more of what we’ve been shooting on our video production page.

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