A group of people working on a set in a large room.

Unboxing Product Video

Creating a Product Walkthrough Video

for global travel company Masabi

Over the years, unboxing videos and product walkthrough videos have been on the rise – these types of videos are hugely useful to all kinds of companies for showing off their latest releases.

We have been working with Masabi for quite some time on various different video projects, and on this project they needed us to create a visual walkthrough video for a product they were intending to release very soon. This is for their new transport ticketing Justride Validator, a device that can be used on various forms of public transport as a fare payments platform – think of it as an alternative system to what is currently adopted here in London via the TFL. They wanted us to clearly present the products ease of use, functionality and adaptability to various forms of transport infrastructures already implemented across the globe, while keeping that walkthrough video visually engaging for the audience. So, we decided to add some colour into frame to add some eye-catching points of interest.

The lighting would be crucial for this shoot, as we really wanted the entire walkthough video to feel branded and aligned with Masabi’s branding. We took inspiration from their logo, which has a red square connecting the letter a to b to represent how the company helps people get to where they need to go. We used a variety of lights to properly light the speaker who would present the walkthrough video, the products, and give definition to the shot. We had a large softbox directly over the speaker to provide a soft butterfly-style glow, and then a small diffused LED flex mat directly behind her head to provide a hair light to separate her from the background and make her hair shine. 6 pixel tube lights were used for this walkthrough video – 4 to create the square in the background directly behind the speaker, and 2 at either side of the speaker out of frame to provide a nice side light for the products on the table which helped these pop more on screen. The lights off screen were very easy to setup on a couple of stands as the viewer couldn’t see them during the walkthrough video anyway, but for the lights used for the square we had to come up with a crafty plan to hang them up against the wall, suspended in mid-air.

behind the scenes of video production in london unboxing walkthrough video
A group of people working on a set in a large room.
behind the scenes of video production unboxing walkthrough video
Firstly, we screwed in metal loops to either side of all lights before hanging the first light horizontally, which would also have to support the other 3 lights to complete the square. Using quite a bit of transparent fishing wire, we secured the light to the ceiling, then attached the others via the loops, securing them with more fishing wire. This kept them close together and in formation. Lastly we had to make sure the square was exactly where we needed it to be, so I communicated with my crew while looking through the lens of the main camera, which in the end had to go a little to the left and slightly higher.
behind the scenes of video production in london unboxing walkthrough video
behind the scenes of video production unboxing walkthrough video
behind the scenes of video production unboxing walkthrough video

The setup time for this part of the walkthrough video alone was about an hour as it was precise work but the end result made it worth it, and provided an end result in the walkthrough video that was engaging and visually interesting, yet practical and useful for the end viewer.

Haider Romero-Perez, Technical Director

Haider Romero Perez of Pocket Creatives

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