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Time For Product Videography

Product Videography for sundial creator Kala

We were asked to create a product video that was designed to solve a problem by sundial creator Kala. We love this example of using product videography to solve a problem, as more companies are now using video and are often tempted into just creating video content for the sake of it. This video straddles the line of being a social advert blended with elements of ‘how to’ so as to demonstrate that the product itself actually works!

Our product videography team were certainly up to the timely challenge….

product videography
product videography

How we used product videography to bring this sundial to life…

The brief was to create a single video to show how to use the product – so we’d be using product videography to go a step further than photography is able to. This provides a more tangible end result, particularly when it’s demonstrated by a user, displaying every step from opening the box to setting up and then proving it tells the time. Its primary goal is to generate engagement when being used in Facebook advertising, while secondarily it goes that step further in explaining its use.

As the end video has a number of different uses, it makes no sense to expect a single video output to work perfectly to generate different outcomes. Therefore, with product videography projects like this, we start off by ending and completing the longest video and then re-editing that content down into shorter new versions which are individually tailored for use on their own platforms. This usually means reframing and resizing all of the shots to become square and/or tall and thin for Instagram and Facebook posts and stories.

product videography
product videography

The key for us on this product videography shoot was demonstrating that the product actually works. A sundial has that wonderful old-world feel, and this particular product has been beautifully crafted so from an aesthetic perspective it sells itself. What a product of this kind will do however is carry an element of scepticism over its functionality and that’s where we wanted to add that value.

One aspect to this project that made it slightly harder than others is the need for daylight. Thankfully, this product videography project came along just as the UK entered a purple patch of good weather – so the project was timed beautifully, the elements played ball, and with our nice and sunny studio space to work in we were able to manipulate our views from the studio upper floor to take advantage and get exactly what we needed.

product videography
product videography

To meet the brief for this product videography project we chose to combine a set of macro shots of the product, with some lifestyle-esque unboxing shots which we used to demonstrate the product setup. Our lovely actor, Jerome, has worked with us closely on a couple of projects recently and proved to be a great fit. Accompanying text and music worked together to set the tone and deliver the messaging.

The logistics of already having a blueprint in still form made it easier than it could have been to follow the steps and then work through the best angles on set to ensure that the shots we were creating were as clear and understandable as possible. Quality is always ensured by our production team doing what they do best – being well organised in advance of the shoot where Bryony liaised extensively with the client, and with Haider providing his technical and creative know-how to get the best from our cameras, lenses and lighting.

It’s always very satisfying when you can deliver a project that matches the exact outcome that we would have set out for at the start. The very nature of video production, especially in product videography, is that things don’t always go to plan and you frequently find yourself having to use your experience to troubleshoot.

“We have hired the team to produce a short product video. Our experience blew past our expectations. Pocket Creatives was incredibly responsive, moved fast, was open to feedback and overall delivered a great product within a super fast timeframe. Thank you so much team, we will be back!”

Mattaeus Kala

Take a look for yourself, enjoy our very short and vibrant video, and if you have any questions at all on product videography then we’d love to hear from you!

Steven Mayatt, Creative Director

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“Fun, innovative and unflappable. Pocket creatives are great to work with – whether it’s finding the perfect lighting for trifle to capturing GoPro footage on a whisk, they always approach every situation with a steady yet game-changing attitude. I see the whole team as trusted creative partners to make great content together.”

Kitty Aldis, River Group

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“I have been working with Steven and the brilliant Pocket Creatives crew for 3 years – in fact since they started out. They have captured in excess of 100 recipes, produced 7 videos including 2 crowdfunding campaigns, their work, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction second to none. What’s more is how they have developed, evolved and grown in creativity, experience, and inspiration.
On a personal front the individuals in the team have to most wonderful personalities – an absolute joy to work with!”

Tanya Robertson-Lambert, Tanya’s Just Real

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“I worked with Steven and his Pocket Creatives team to create a recipe video, and I couldn’t recommend their services enough! From the ideation stage, through to filming and editing the finished product, at every stage, the whole team were first-class, going above and beyond to create a compelling, high-quality recipe video that generated heaps of engagement. I would definitely work them again.”

Ben Cullen, OLIO

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