Im In Team Shot by Pocket Creatives
Im In portrait Shot by Pocket Creatives
Im In Portrait Shot by Pocket Creatives
Im In Team Shot by Pocket Creatives
Im In Portrait by Pocket Creatives
Im In Portraits by Pocket Creatives
Im In Portrait by Pocket Creatives

Somewhere on a rooftop in London

Portrait photography with a view…

A great example of what you can achieve in such a short space of time – we were recommended by a past client as a good fit for some business portrait photography with technology company ImIn based in London’s Shoreditch.

We had a handful of team and individual shots to capture, and thankfully, not only was the weather on our side, but the little bit of sun we had was perfectly-placed. I realise i’ve now started two blogs by talking about the weather… what next, tea?! (milk and two, please…)

Anyway, as I was saying, this shoot is a great example of what we can achieve in a one hour booking slot. Armed with a cup of tea (damn!) a rooftop, camera and our wonderful new Nikon 135 prime lens, Lauren and I rocketed through individual shots of the team, followed by some groups. This lens is a beast – it basically destroys backgrounds, making them turn into lovely soft smooth textures that are great for providing a base while allowing the details in the face to stand out. I also wanted to make sure that these shots had an element of styling to them, and would be good enough to be used as social media portraits as well as for the ImIn company page.

As much as we love shooting food, we love portrait photography and meeting new people too – and these guys were a great bunch, sure to go far!

“Steven and Lauren were fantastic. We only had an hour with them, but Steven managed to do a number of great headshots of our 7 team members and some brilliant team photos. Cannot recommend highly enough. Great quality pics at a very affordable price.” Dominic Fennell, ImIn


The biggest consideration with portrait photography is not your settings or the kit that you use, it’s about how you handle the person in front of the camera. A fair number of us hate having our pictures taken, and just because you have to for the benefit of your About Us page, that doesn’t automatically make it fine!

Our approach is very much a human one, we’ll try to relax the victim/subject/person a much as possible, keeping the tone light, keeping them chatting, disarming them with some dreadful jokes or a chat about why Arsenal lost at the weekend. All of this helps, particularly if they are, in fact, and Arsenal fan.

We’ll then take a number of frames mid chat, between the breaths, sometimes catching laughs and more informal reactions, that way we can deliver a range of images that the person and the client can then choose from. There’s nothing few things worse as an employee at having a picture you hate up on the company’s website for the world to see. It’s not great for your own confidence, is it?!

So that’s it, portrait photography, on the roof, in the sun, and a bunch of great people. Your challenge – find us a great location that rivals this.

Dare you 🙂

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