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Solving Our Food Waste Challenge

Responsible recipe video shoots

Working with food and drink has always been a joy, and we love getting messy – throwing ingredients around to create vibrant and interesting shots to promote our client’s products.

But, as food waste has been elevated as an issue, we can’t help but feel that we need to be more responsible with all of the unused food that gets left over, and until now we’ve been devoid of a solution.

We know that there will always be an element of waste in what we do – that is unavoidable, but in helping to promote new swathes of food producers making healthier and more sustainable edibles we’ve also recognised the good that can be done in balance.

We find that recipe videos in particular lead to lots of excess food being ordered and left unused at the end of a shoot – and now we have a solution.

This week, we came across food sharing app Olio. Could this be the solution we were after? The best way to describe Olio is like a marketplace for people to list their unwanted and unconsumed products, heavily geo-targeted to make interest and collection quick and easy.

So, one Tuesday evening, after I couldn’t possibly eat any more of the marshmallows we had left over from a successful photoshoot the week before, I decided to list them through Olio. I don’t think i’ve ever been so popular! It puts my Facebook activity to shame really!

Within minutes I not only had interest, but also arranged 3 people to collect, one of which did that same evening!

The wider stats are impressive as well, in my home area alone, over 4000 people seemed to be registered.

I should stress that this was only my first attempt, but it was enough to try again, and if this proves to be successful in the long term it will help make another area of our business more socially responsible.

Now that we’ve become more used to the concept, we’re fans. Where we’re able to, after a recipe video or photo shoot we’ll list the food items that are still safe to consume and those that are in good condition.

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