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The beauty of producing a crowdfunding video….

We’ve been pestering the guys at Optiat (now UpCircle) to let us work with them for some time – their products are unique and lend themselves to great visual capture. Finally, they relented/agreed and asked us to create a crowdfunding video for them to base their investment campaign around!

A bit of knuckle-cracking later, we organised a short burst of filming to capture a mix of their products and customers during an event at London’s Olympia exhibition centre. It’s a great way to get people and products together in the same space. Video capture for crowdfunding videos is quite straightforward, and often there’s a set of key content that should feature in almost all of them. That’s not to say that we’re lazy, and we’re certainly not a  fan of templates or packages in any of our video production projects. But, we know that there are certain visual elements that help customers and investors better understand the scope a business and their products or services.

We followed-up with the all-important interview, created in a spa-like space in London to support the right look and feel for the brand. It’s important to choose a location that not only fits the brand, but is also comfortable for the interviewee – standing that side of the camera really isn’t easy!

If you’re a brand who leads through a particularly strong story, then most commonly the founder(s) should be present – it’s their story after all, and people want to hear it. We find that more people care about the brands that they’re buying from, and it will influence buying behaviour. So even if they’re not on screen throughout, being present in some form is really important.

The edit brings all of these elements together, along with imagery and user-generated content from bloggers and influencers, newly captured product imagery and media snippets – all of which add to the interest of the piece. Combining as many elements together as possible makes for a more complex and therefore a more engaging edit. This makes it more watchable, potentially more exciting, and ultimately stands more of a chance of hitting the goals it sets to achieve.

We really enjoyed our time with Will and Anna – we always feel privileged to get to know our clients, their drivers in creating their businesses and what inspires them for the future.

Will Brightman of UpCircle had this to say:

“We worked with Steven, Lauren and Haider after meeting them at the London Coffee Festival. Although our brief had a strict budget and tight deadline to adhere to, the Pocket Creatives team were incredibly flexible and produced a video of extremely high quality. Indeed, the video, which was for a Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign, helped us to overfund in less than a week!
The Pocket Creatives team come highly recommended and we would be thrilled to work with them again in the future!”

crowdfunding video for upcircle beauty brand

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