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Recipe photography has become increasingly popular, usually as a compliment to a recipe video, or for more visual blog posts. Visual recipes aren’t new, however, with more food delivery box companies entering the market, coupled with us all being  increasingly time-poor – recipes are there to provide step-by-step ease towards cooking at home.

We find that most of our clients are advertising the use of their product in a recipe, and our photography then straddles the line between selling the dish itself as well as the product that’s included. We work regularly with companies such as Tanya’s Just Real and Bay’s Kitchen to provide regular new uses for their products when cooking from home. We have also completed a project for Frylight which was based around how to create cost-effective healthy meals for the family.

The process for recipe photography versus video is much more simple, although it does depend on whether we’ll be providing step-by-step instructions or just the finished dishes. Either way, we’ll need the use of our kitchen studio and commonly a client will attend to prepare the food, although our lovely food stylist will do a great job if that extra expertise is required. We’ll also be able to source props and backgrounds, highly customised to your branding, or hugely simplified if cost is a factor.

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Want video as well as recipe photography? Here’s a little taste of what we can do:

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