Product Video Production

Product video production is the best way to show off your products: show them working, show them in use, make them relevant, and target your customer. Video for products is hugely flexible, and we can create product video productions alone or as part of content creation packages to include stills as well.

You can also see more on our product photography here.

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Product video production
Product video production
Product video production

Some of our product video productions:

Watch our latest full video production showreel:

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Your products. Front and centre.

Product video production both in and out of the studio: white backgrounds for ecommerce, or go more creative to catch the eye? We offer both, and plenty of options alongside.

Your product video productions and product photography have to work harder than ever before in an increasingly congested marketplace. People are also engaging more and more with companies whose values align with theirs, and so greater care needs to be taken, but so much opportunity to impress exists.

More clients are commissioning product photography too – often as a combination package of stills and video clips to build up a base of content creation for their website and for social media.

We’ll work with you to understand your brief and help advise how best to capture your products in the best light. From our studio in London, we offer great value for money, and plenty of options to fit your budget.


What we can do

We create product video productions and photography content for a wide range of purposes across a number of our working sectors: from pack shots for our food & drink clients, to more creative designs for beauty and cosmetics clients, big macro work for jewellery and watch brands, and more creative for tech companies. We can do the simple stuff, like isolated images against white backgrounds for ecommerce and Amazon, right up to complex creations for adverts and social media engagement.

Product video production is becoming more prominent, as video can communicate more than stills do. How to videos, product demos, unboxing videos, brand films, are all options when it comes to considering the best fit for your needs.

Who we’ve worked with

Recent product video production projects include global ticketing company Masabi who asked us to create an unboxing video for their new technology release, and Kokoon to generate web and social content for their sleep headphones. We’re also working on a long term basis with blue light filtering tech brand Ocushield and for games manufacturer Librium Games to add more dynamism for their conference stands.

A great example

Our project with Pushme demonstrates how best to utilise both product video production and photography in the same shoot, and how both services can combine to great effect. Through our created video outputs, Pushme were delivered a product video production that could be used within their new website design, for YouTube and other social media channels. Their product photography was shot in a London studio after the video capture, where we added usage shots with our model and more designed product-only images.


How we work

We’ve tried to make the commissioning process for product video production services as easy and digestible as possible. We’ll discuss your brief in detail prior to filming which will allow us to understand the full scope of what you’re trying to achieve. We can either quote from the ground-up or work to a pre-set budget – we know everyone will have different spending requirements and limitations, and we do our best to accommodate that budget when providing product video production services.

Once we know what we need to deliver in the finished product video production, we’ll finalise the creative approach with you, organise the dates and capture your footage. The edit process almost always takes longer than production, so we’ll allow for multiple days of work to include time for review and changes. We’ll deliver digital online viewing copies in the run-up to sign-off, but you’re also welcome to join us if you’d rather edit in person.

The beauty of working with video is the options available, and we can usually scale the product video production services we provide up or down to find the best quality and budget fit.

A video camera icon on a black background.

Technically speaking

For techy readers, we shoot using the latest Panasonic cameras, from the new S1H series. They use some of the latest imaging technology, meaning that they produce exceptional images and respond better than most in challenging lighting conditions. This forms the centrepiece of our video production services, and will allow us up to 6K in resolution and higher quality slow motion.

We complement the cameras with our range of fast lenses to make the best of the full frame sensor. We have super sharp primes, flexible zooms and macro abilities for high quality at all focal lengths.

In addition, we have upgraded clients to work with RED, Blackmagic, Canon C Series and Kinefinity Mavo cameras where we have needed to provide bespoke solutions. These have enabled capture up to 6K with greater detail and higher impact slow motion capabilities.

As standard, we come with sound and lighting, and a number of creative options such as slider movements, gimbals, GoPros and more can be added on.


The whole package

We have the vast majority of what we need to provide quality product video production services in house, right from pre-production, planning, scripting, talent and location sourcing –  through to production, edit, QC and delivery.

Our studio space in London Waterloo gives us a great base to handle all kinds of product video productions in-house too.

We use strategic partners to support us, from talent directories, to specialist equipment hire, studios and more.

You’ll also find some of our recommended suppliers here who provide everything from agency services to digital, design and web services.

Below, you’ll find a full outline of the services we offer.


Full product video production services


Pre-production planning and scripting








Video editing


Location sourcing


Hair and makeup artists






Graphics and motion


Models, actors and voice artists


Studio hire




Special equipment upgrades

What They Say


“Steven and the Pocket Creatives team led the project seamlessly, and made it so stress-free for me! They have brilliant creative ideas, run the operation brilliantly, and I felt in very safe hands (as well as having a finished product I loved!)”

Helen Burgess, Little Cooks Co

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“We were recommended Pocket Creatives by our PR agency, and have been thrilled with their professionalism, responsiveness, willingness to implement feedback and flexibility. Our internal challenges often mean we’re a little last minute and work to short deadlines, but Pocket have exceeded our expectations and created a high standard of work with very little guidance. We’ve already commissioned additional activity and will be continuing to send work their way in the months and years to come.”

Hayley Hall, Innovaderma/Skinny Tan

romilly wilde logo

Pocket Creatives were just what we had been looking for. Having a creative team that understand how the brand must communicate, with consistent and clean imagery is critical and PC really capture this. A lovely team to boot, who are obsessed with the detail and getting the most from the brief. Great team, multi-disciplined and talented bunch.”

Susie Willis, Romilly Wilde

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“The Pocket team were a pleasure to work with, not only were they super prepared, on time and professional but the quality of work they delivered in a short space of time was fab. I would recommend Pocket Creatives, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and are thrilled with our short video.”

Holly Sud, DrPawPaw


Pocket Creatives is a superstar team that has consistently delivered above and beyond for the multiple projects they have worked on for us at realme. From product launch video production, video livesteaming and model photography, Steven and his talented team have met the brief and produced engaging and polished content. Starting with initial contact then meetings to parse out the project’s requirements, planning, shooting days and editing, the process is always so seamless, professional and adept – even in the tightest of deadlines. The team approaches every brief with enthusiasm, bringing great ideas and flexibility when it comes to execution. Pocket Creatives is our first point of call when it comes to videography and photography work and we highly recommend them!”

Giang Cao, realme

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“Steven and the Pocket Creatives team have been fantastic! They went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the end result. They are very responsive and have been a pleasure to work with. We are excited to continue with further projects! Special thanks to Steven, Lauren, Ryan, Haider and the rest of the team for all your hard work.”

Becky Poole, Prestige Flowers