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Product Photography for Atavist

Is product photography ever simple?

There’s always a challenge to consider to make sure you get it right and stay on-brand

Atavist supplements are the focus of our next blog – a new company whose focus is on health supplements. We were asked by them to create their very first set of custom product photography to support their new web build and online presence.

product photography for atavist supplements
product photography for atavist supplements

The brief for this product photography shoot was actually quite simple in the sense that we had only a small number of images required. However, the complexity was in finding an approach that matched their brand look and feel. Being a predominantly monochrome brand made our job slightly tougher, as we had to consider whether images lacking in colour would work as well on social. Would these be able to compete alongside vibrant colour photography that typically grabs attention so well?

After consideration, we felt that adding in colours outside of the brand just wasn’t going to work – so we aligned firmly with black and white, and focused on how we could add additional elements that would provide visual interest. Keeping us in check was the initial client request to err more toward the simple side. This part of our job is very important – working within existing brand guidelines, no matter the size of the client. If we don’t do this then no matter how good the imagery we deliver you run the risk of them just not feeling like they belong to the brand that you’re shooting for. This is one of the most important pre-production considerations in product photography.

product photography for atavist supplements
product photography for atavist supplements

Lead photographer Kelly, and producer Bryony worked to create the imagery for this product photography shoot. Their approach was based around positioning blocks, varying angles and switching between white and black backgrounds. This meant that we could deliver the product photography with a sense of variety that empowered Atavist to select the right combination between their web pages.

In post-processing we added in false spot lighting to ensure that any back-lit effects didn’t drown out the impact of the products, and kept impact and drama.

product photography for atavist supplements
product photography for atavist supplements

“From start to finish the team at Pocket Creatives were engaged, helpful and understanding. We had a fairly unique design requirement and a relatively small budget and we were blown away by what the team produced. We will continue to work with the team for any future creative ventures for our brand.”

Joe Church, Atavist

It goes to show that even the simplest of product photography briefs can provide a huge challenge, and what’s reassuring to see is that our in-house process works, right from consultation through delivery. If we can help with any of your product photography enquiries then feel free to get in touch 🙂

Steven Mayatt, Creative Director

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“Fun, innovative and unflappable. Pocket creatives are great to work with – whether it’s finding the perfect lighting for trifle to capturing GoPro footage on a whisk, they always approach every situation with a steady yet game-changing attitude. I see the whole team as trusted creative partners to make great content together.”

Kitty Aldis, River Group

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“I have been working with Steven and the brilliant Pocket Creatives crew for 3 years – in fact since they started out. They have captured in excess of 100 recipes, produced 7 videos including 2 crowdfunding campaigns, their work, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction second to none. What’s more is how they have developed, evolved and grown in creativity, experience, and inspiration.
On a personal front the individuals in the team have to most wonderful personalities – an absolute joy to work with!”

Tanya Robertson-Lambert, Tanya’s Just Real

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“I worked with Steven and his Pocket Creatives team to create a recipe video, and I couldn’t recommend their services enough! From the ideation stage, through to filming and editing the finished product, at every stage, the whole team were first-class, going above and beyond to create a compelling, high-quality recipe video that generated heaps of engagement. I would definitely work them again.”

Ben Cullen, OLIO

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