Pricing for photography and video production


We use a modular pricing model:

Pay only for what you need

No matter how large or small your project is

Devising budgets for creative photography and video production projects is never quite as simple as it looks. There are lots of factors that affect the overall price of a video project or a photo shoot, such as props and backgrounds, models or actors, and where the shoot itself will take place. This is why there’s no one-size-fits all price.

We will always work with you to understand your brief and the full photography and video production requirements of your project, and deliver a breakdown to you at the beginning of the process. This gives you a fully honest and transparent view of the resources that make up your project.

To give you a starting point, our photography services start at £360+VAT and our video production services start at £500+VAT.

video and photography company
video and photography company

Cheap or Expensive?

To give you some context, we place ourselves around the middle band in terms of our pricing structure, which means that our typical daily rates for photography and video production will sit in between those agencies who work at the very upper end of our industry, with students, juniors and freelancers at the bottom end of the pricing range.

It’s important to note that we’re not talking about quality here, just price. We’re often chosen ahead of the largest of our competitors as we can deliver great quality photography and video production services for a lower price.

This also makes us attractive to startups, crowdfunders, and businesses with limited cash flows – people who need great photography and video production, but are likely working within a budget.

So how do we do this? We do this by using modular pricing – knowing that each photography and video production project is different, you pay for just what you need.

While some clients may need just an hour of photography to capture some simple pack shots for a new addition to their range, others may need a multiple camera setup for a TV advert to showcase their brand to the world. We must have the ability to quote easily for both ends of that spectrum.

If you already have a total budget available, share that with us and we can work out how to deliver as much as possible for what you have to spend.

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The key factors for a photography shoot will start with how much time you need from us, which can be broken down into one hour, half day, full day and extended day shoots.

Think about whether a shoot will take place in a studio or on location, indoors or outdoors. Will you need models, makeup artists, props or custom backgrounds.

After a shoot, will we just need to polish and deliver your images, or do we need to repair packaging, cut products out and replace backgrounds, smooth skin imperfections, or add a dynamic twist to the look and feel?

When we quote, we’ll include exactly what you need, based on the initial briefing that we have with you.

Our Key Rates:

Photography Half Day £360

Photography Full Day £540

Both of these rates include processing time for polishing, QC and delivery.

Studio Hire Half Day £200

Studio Hire Full Day £300

video production cost

Video Production

Video production is a more complex process, both in planning, production and the fact that the edit time will span days rather than hours, as it does it photography.

Similarly to a photo shoot, you’ll need to think about the location: from studio spaces to Airbnb locations for lifestyle work, and the consideration for sound as well.

We may need a bigger team, if lighting, sound, or set requirements are needed as well. Additional equipment such as autocues, specialist lighting and microphones, cameras dedicated to slow motion may also be considered for more creative briefs.

Actors and presenters, hair and makeup, set elements, props and materials, even fashion stylists, food stylists may required too.

Editing spans multiple days of work, and we’ll best estimate this for you, allowing for time to feed back and make changes as well. We can also include music, sound effects and voiceover.

Pocket Creatives will always provide a full breakdown when we quote for you, which then makes it easier to see how what resources your project needs to get made.

Our Key Rates:

Filming Team Half Day £500

Filming Team Full Day £800

This is for a 2-person team consisting of a director and camera operator, with equipment.

Editing Day £400

Studio Hire Half Day £200

Studio Hire Full Day £300

Any questions? Anything we’ve missed? Get in touch below and we’ll do our best to help.

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