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Our Favourite Projects

It’s a bit like choosing your most-loved child but…

Here’s a run-down of some of our favourite videography & photography projects from the past year

At the end of every year, we have a HUGE company meeting. A big part of this meeting is to discuss difficult and challenging videography or photography projects to evaluate what we have learnt and how we develop from these projects in the next year.

This year, we walked away from our meeting feeling inspired after doing this, however we forgot to discuss our favourite video and photography projects! We have realised that this is equally as important as discussing the challenging ones, so I asked the team to write a short paragraph about their favourite video or photography project and this is what I got back ?

Ryan Booth of Pocket Creatives

“My favourite project so far has been The Wellbeing Project as the project scope was something I’ve not had a chance to tackle before. I think that the final result was pretty cool. What’s really important for me is variety, so doing something new is always a plus!”

Ryan Booth, Video Editor

“My favourite project so far has been a photography project that we did for TodayTix in November. I hadn’t been with Pocket very long and this was the first photography project I was given complete creative control over. TodayTix is an app for buying theatre tickets, and as a theatre fanatic, I love and use it all the time. So, this was the perfect project for me. We spent an afternoon and evening running around most of the theatres in the West End and using show specific tickets and programmes that I had collated to shoot in front of them. Capturing the glamour of London theatres especially in the dark was very exciting to be a part of!”

Bryony Porter-Collard, Producer

Bryony Porter-Collard of Pocket Creatives
A woman in a yellow coat facing away from the camera, holding a Harry Pottre Ticket in one hand and A Harry Potter book in the other.
Lauren Hodge of Pocket Creatives

“Choosing a favourite video or photography project is a hard one – as I have involvement in almost every project that comes through our doors! One that definitely stands out is a promo we produced for HairO. The client was unsure of what they wanted and handed all creative power over to us, this allowed myself and the team to get our hands dirty and come up with an idea with no brief. Every stage of this project was fun, especially the shooting. We shot with Kinefinity Mavo LF and RED Epic Dragon which was a great technical experience for us. However, my favourite part of the whole project was the editing stage, bringing the visuals to life and delivering a video that we were all truly very proud of.”

Lauren Hodge, Production Director

“Our FoodStars Promo was probably my favourite project to work on. The client had complete confidence in us to take the reigns and come up with something awesome and we just ran with it. It was fun working closely with Steve to fine-tune what it was that we were after and putting the pieces together. Tonnes of great action shots, a killer music track, and a bit of freedom – doesn’t get much better than that.”

Cameron Whiting, Video Editor

Cameron Whiting of Pocket Creatives
Haider Romero Perez of Pocket Creatives

Ayumi Naturals brought to us our first commercial advert for broadcast and this was definitely a highlight experience for me last year. I had full control of all the technical aspects of the production (camera, lenses, support kit etc) and I could light every scene as I pleased.

It was definitely a stressful three-day shoot as after all, it was our first advert! BUT! I got to work with the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro filming in a 4K 50p BRAW codec with Canons legendary Cinema Prime lenses, which perfectly complemented the 4.6K sensor, electronically controlled sliders for super-smooth movements and a whole array of lighting from Aputure, Wescott and Arri. We got some beautiful shots of group product shots and portrait shots of the models.

I learned so much from those three days and I know exactly what I would do differently for the next one!”

Haider Romero Perez, Creative Director

“It’s so hard to pick a favourite video or photography project, when my satisfaction comes from managing such a diverse range of clients, brands, products and services. I’m going to be difficult and actually pick one that we’re not allowed to share with you – that we produced for fashion house Burberry towards the end of 2019. This was great for us as it proves again that we have the expertise and process to be able to cope with video or photography projects for well established clients with complex sign-off procedures.”

Steven Mayatt, Creative Director

Steven Mayatt of Pocket Creatives
the wellbeing project logo

“It was a pleasure working with Steven and his team. Their advice at the start was incredibly valuable and, as the project progressed, their unfailingly calm, patient and responsive approach allowed us to create a video we’re incredibly proud of. The feedback we’ve received has been fantastic. I’d highly recommend them.”

Stephen Wood, The Wellbeing Project

food stars logo

“Steven and his team are fantastic. They have worked with us and our members on a number of filming and photography projects. They’re professional, thorough and deliver exceptional results.”

Will Beresford, Foodstars

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