Kelly Hill

Meet Kelly

at Pocket Creatives

Kelly takes the responsibility of being our new head photographer at Pocket Creatives, and is already enjoying the challenge of working across our various sectors and huge range of lovely clients.

Kelly works with the management team to plan the creative direction and execution of all of our shoots and oversees all of our image deliveries.

Kelly Hill photographer at Pocket Creatives

My favourite photography:

The images I’ve selected represent some of my favourite photography from the Pocket Creatives archive. I’ve included shots that initially inspired me to want to be a part of the team, for example the work produced for Hot Stone and Yardley. I loved the creativity that went into the lighting for Hot Stone which was so dramatic and perfectly suited to the content. The way the props were used in such a fresh way for Yardley also caught my eye straight away.

Every shoot we do is unique and has it’s own challenges which we overcome to create results that everybody’s really pleased with. From BIMS, which is a stand-out for me as It was my very first shoot with the company. The schedule was tight and the shot list was long, despite having not met some of the team yet, we all dove in head first to ensure we were capturing everything for our client. Then fast forward a few months and we come to BP3. This shoot was really special for me because the women we photographed were so wonderful. We had the clients dancing in their underwear in the Pocket Creatives Studio to Tina Turner, the mood was infectious and I’ve never had so much fun on a shoot before!

Quickfire Questions:

What do you do in your role?

I collaborate with the creative team before, during and after our shoots! I’ll work at bringing ideas to life and am always pushing for the most engaging and creatives images possible for Pocket Creatives clients.

What do you actually do?

On the rare occasion I’m not looking through a lens then I’ll be getting inspiration for shoots through social media, catching up on emails, planning test shoots to broaden my skillset or picking Steven’s brain, there’s a lot of useful information in there!

What do your team think you do?

Eat, shoot, edit, repeat. It’s pretty accurate actually!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

There are so many wonderful things! The whole Pocket Creatives team are so supportive of each other and it’s such a positive, inspiring environment to be in. I also have to mention the move into our new studio and office – it’s huge!

What keeps you motivated?

Having a job that I love is motivation in itself! Our “Pocket Creatives Jams” Spotify playlist also gets the creativity flowing…

Most embarrassing story?

Unfortunately, I have a vast bank of embarrassing stories to pick from already from my time at Pocket Creatives! One of the most stand out for me is because of my ‘slightly’ ditsy side. I was having a full day of processing at the office, glued to the monitor and only coming up for air every half an hour or so. Around 4.30 Haider asks me if I notice anything different in the office. My natural reaction to this question was always ‘Oh no, I’m rubbish at this game!’ But I proceeded to list off things that could be different anyway. ‘The plant, the pen on my desk, the blinds? Of course, they were all wrong and I eventually gave up. Little did I know, the rest of the team had switched my monitor to a completely different one in the morning before I came in, meaning I had been starring at a different monitor for the entire day – completely oblivious! My only defence being ‘I’m clearly working too hard to notice things like that.’ Whoops!

Most annoying habit?

I’ll believe anything you tell me!

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working?

Music festivals in the summer with my friends make me the happiest person on the planet! Otherwise I’m in my element when I’m baking a cheesecake or rolling sushi with my pals. I hear Haider and Lauren like their cheesecake… maybe that’s why they gave me the job…?

hand on shutter button by Kelly at Pocket Creatives
Kelly at Pocket Creatives
setting up the flash by Kelly at Pocket Creatives