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Quoting for Video Production and Photography

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Providing an accurate video project or photography estimate is notoriously difficult, as there are so many factors involved in any project beyond simply how much a day of photography or video might cost.

While larger companies are used to receiving detailed breakdowns and itemised quotes, it can be off-putting for some.

So we’ve put together this helpful guide on how Pocket Creatives go about providing video production and photography estimates so that you have a better idea of the process and the considerations. At the start of our initial briefing conversations, we’ll have to ask you some questions that will help us to give you the most accurate price as early in the process as possible, and so this doesn’t replace that part of our initial consultation.

The main factors we have to consider with every budget is: what services do you need, how long you need those services for, where are we shooting, and what extras might be required such as models, props or backgrounds.

We’ve broken this all down below, presented in linear order:

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Which Services:

Video Production


Video & Photography

We can provide individual services or combine them depending on your project needs. For reference, our photography estimates start at £330, filming-only from £300 and video production from £900, all plus VAT.

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How Much Shooting Time:

One Hour Session

Half Day (4 hours AM or PM)

Full Day (up to 9 hours)

Extended Day (up to 12 hours)

We’ll help to advise you on how much time we think will be needed. This is usually dependent on the volume of images required and the complexity of what we’re capturing for, in either video or photography.

It’s fair to say that a limited set of simple product shots against white will take much less time than a full lifestyle shoot. To do our job well at this stage we’ll try to understand as much detail as we can about how the deliverables need to look.

We’re here to make sure that we advise honestly, not to push your budget up!

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The Shooting Location:

The Pocket Lab Space

Pocket Main Studio Space

Lifestyle Location (such as AirBnB locations)


Different kinds of shots need different amounts of space to capture, which is why we don’t give video production or photography estimates with the locations already included. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful new studio space in London Waterloo, which we have split so that we can offer affordable rates depending on the client need.

The Pocket Lab is set aside for simple, controlled photography, and doesn’t carry an additional charge. This tends to be a perfect fit for product photography and allows us to offer the cheapest possible rates.

For larger shoots or where the control of lighting is particularly important we have a larger main space, with functioning kitchen. This is great for more complex shoots or where we are shooting models and need more room. This also comes with plenty of space to organise props, garments and set up for laptops and clients. This space is hireable from £200 for a half day, and £300 for the full day, and can have full size backgrounds added too.

We are also able to negotiate directly with Airbnb owners to provide spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms and other living spaces that fit your brand. Each of these are individually priced, but we’ll often be able to provide a range once we’ve understood your brief.

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How Much Editing Time:

Photo processing (charged by the hour)

Cutting out from backgrounds

Video Edit Half Days

Video Edit Full Days

To keep life easy (for a change!) we charge processing at £30 per hour, and we allocate one hour per half day of photography as standard, which usually covers us for most of our projects. Photo processing time will increase for skin retouching or cutting products from backgrounds and then are often priced at £5 per image.

Video editing is often the hardest element to factor into our estimate at the start of a project. Whilst very simple videos may only take a day, high-end promotional videos or product videos may take between 3-5 days.

We always advise however, that if we’ve ever over-shot the mark with our video production or photography estimate, you’ll still only be charged accurately for the time that has been used.

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Any Extras:

Props & Backgrounds

Actors & Models

Music & Voiceover

Equipment Upgrades

The final step, the extras. Food stylists, hand models, fashion models, voice over artists and music tracks will all add to the last part of a budget. As we’ve already said, we’re here to consult and advise – so lean on us to help you make the decisions. We can arrange all of the extra elements that you require, and factor them all into your video or photography estimate.


What’s next?

What we’ll usually ask you for before we provide a video production or photography estimate is a very basic brief, if you don’t have one already, ideally allowing you and us to make some early decisions that affect the factors above.

Helpful things to know at this stage are…

For Photography estimates & enquires:

How many images you may need – this will help us work out how much time we’ll need

How your photography needs to look – this will help us advise on the right location and whether we’ll need props, models and the kind of backgrounds

Where the imagery will be used

If you have any samples, reference images or a moodboard

For Video estimates & enquiries:

How many videos are we making

What are the ideal approx duration(s)

What is the content of the videos

Where are the videos being used

Will you need different versions for social media

If you have a sample or reference video to show that’s really helpful, and is often the most useful element

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