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Health And Wellbeing Videos

We produce health and wellbeing videos for clients in a variety of areas and for a range of purposes including yoga instructional videos, product videos and fitness videos. If you’re interested in seeing some of our health and wellbeing photography too, click here, or keep scrolling to see some examples of our health and wellbeing video work.

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Health And Wellbeing Videos
Health And Wellbeing Videos
Health And Wellbeing Videos

Some of our health and wellbeing videos:

Watch our latest full video production showreel:

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Stretch, breathe and bend…

We’re all starting to take greater interest in our own health and wellbeing, which is testament to the fact that we’re working on more and more projects each year in this area.

We have seen a rise in health and wellbeing videos spanning instructional yoga, relaxation, healthy eating, and everyday exercise. Plus, with the challenges that COVID has thrust upon us, all aspects of both physical and mental health and wellbeing are more in the spotlight than ever, as is the need for health and wellbeing videos that can be accessed from home.

We’ve also been introduced to the wonders of acroyoga, which puts our own personal fitness very much to shame!

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What we can do

The most popular asks are health and wellbeing videos around yoga and fitness, which covers, how-to and instructional videos, plus personal training profiles. Due to some restrictions this past year on providing in-person training, many practitioners have moved online – which has made health and wellbeing video content even more important.

Who we’ve worked with

Some of our health and wellbeing videos overlap with both our food, beauty and events categories, where healthy shakes, or CBD products might be in focus, along with health and wellbeing product launches. We’ve worked with new CBD product B.Sleepy on their new range, and Chuckling Goat on their awareness and consultation event in East London. We also work regularly with a top yoga producer on building their yearly series of instructional video content for on-demand consumption.

A great example

We have produced extensive UK health and wellbeing videos for Australia-based The Healthy Mummy. These studio-based shoots have focused on a blend of promotional content to support the brand’s messaging through capturing their success stories, as well as fitness workout demonstrations for online viewing and via their mobile apps.

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How we work

We’ve tried to make the commissioning process for making health and wellbeing videos as easy and digestible as possible. We’ll discuss your brief in detail prior to filming which will allow us to understand the full scope of what you’re trying to achieve. We can either quote from the ground-up or work to a pre-set budget – we know everyone will have different spending requirements and limitations for their health and wellbeing videos, and we do our best to accommodate that budget when providing our production services.

Once we know what we need to deliver in your finished health and wellbeing videos, we’ll finalise the creative approach with you, organise the dates and capture your footage. The edit process almost always takes longer than production, so we’ll allow for multiple days of work to include time for review and changes. We’ll deliver digital online viewing copies of your health and wellbeing videos in the run-up to sign-off, but you’re also welcome to join us if you’d rather edit in person.

The beauty of working with video is the options available, and we can usually scale the video production services we provide up or down to find the best quality and budget fit.

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Technically speaking

For techy readers, we shoot our health and wellbeing videos using the latest Panasonic cameras, from the new S1H series. They use some of the latest imaging technology, meaning that they produce exceptional images and respond better than most in challenging lighting conditions. This forms the centrepiece of our video production services, and will allow us up to 6K in resolution and higher quality slow motion.

We complement the cameras with our range of fast lenses to make the best of the full frame sensor. We have super sharp primes, flexible zooms and macro abilities for high quality at all focal lengths.

In addition, we have upgraded clients to work with RED, Blackmagic, Canon C Series and Kinefinity Mavo cameras where we have needed to provide bespoke solutions. These have enabled capture up to 6K with greater detail and higher impact slow motion capabilities.

As standard, we come with sound and lighting, and a number of creative options such as slider movements, gimbals, GoPros and more can be added on.

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The whole package

We have the vast majority of what we need to produce quality health and wellbeing videos in house, right from pre-production, planning, scripting, talent and location sourcing –  through to production, edit, QC and delivery.

Our studio space in London Waterloo gives us a great base to handle all kinds of health and wellbeing videos in-house too.

We use strategic partners to support us, from talent directories, to specialist equipment hire, studios and more.

You’ll also find some of our recommended suppliers here who provide everything from agency services to digital, design and web services.

Below, you’ll find a full outline of the services we offer.

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Full production for health and wellbeing videos

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Pre-production planning and scripting

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Props and backgrounds

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Aerial drone

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Video editing

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Location sourcing

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Hair and makeup artists

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Graphics and motion

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Models, actors and voice artists

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Studio hire

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Special equipment upgrades

What They Say

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“Fun, innovative and unflappable. Pocket creatives are great to work with – whether it’s finding the perfect lighting for a trifle to capturing GoPro footage on a whisk, they always approach every situation with a steady yet game-changing attitude. I see the whole team as trusted creative partners to make great content together.”

Kitty Aldis, River Group

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“Pocket’s ability, professionalism and attention to detail have proved exemplary across the pre-production, capture, post-production and delivery of both photography and video projects they have completed for Book People. They are always on hand to offer advice and to help sculpt the narrative of projects; and the creative process when working with them is wholly collaborative, which provides a perfect balance of fulfilling the needs of our brief and allowing Steven and the team to use their expertise to create a quality visual product.”

Tom Rosier, The Book People

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“The guys at Pocket Creatives were super knowledgeable and helpful – I definitely felt as though our video project was in safe hands! They were flexible and adaptable to what we needed and the content they produced for us was fantastic!”

Alice Morgan, The Telegraph

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“The Pocket team were a pleasure to work with, not only were they super prepared, on time and professional but the quality of work they delivered in a short space of time was fab. I would recommend Pocket Creatives, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and are thrilled with our short video.”

Holly Sud, DrPawPaw

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“Steven and his team are fantastic. They have worked with us and our members on a number of filming and photography projects. They’re professional, thorough and deliver exceptional results.”

Will Beresford, FoodStars

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“Great team, great company. Very happy with all the videos Pocket have done for us. Very consultative and experts in their field.”

James Gooch, Masabi