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Pocket Creatives owes much of its creative verve to Haider‘s drive towards making each and every project the best it can be. Haider’s handywork accounts for 95% of the video output that we generate at Pocket, that’s around 80 projects per year, for over 170 master videos.

He’s passionate about all things production, and if you look carefully, you can see him calculating lighting and camera setups behind his eyes.

haider technical director at pocket creatives

Some of my favourite videos:

Some of my favourite video projects at Pocket Creatives this past year are for food brand Little Cooks Co, and our own ‘Coffee at home’ video that we produced during lockdown.

The ‘Coffee at home’ film was created during the first lockdown with Lauren, and it was such a rewarding experience as I got to shoot the video, record the sound and edit it together afterwards. It was a huge challenge as we were restricted to shoot in our London-sized living room, but I feel like we made the most of what we had and made a video that is very engaging and shows what we’re capable of. We also managed to get this trending on LinkedIN which made us smile!

The video for Little Cooks Co wasn’t a technically difficult shoot but it was very enjoyable and delivered a lovely outcome. We had to film in the same kitchen that the client had used for a previous advert, so we framed a section of the kitchen that wasn’t shown before. Once I had my lighting up, which made it seem there was a window on the left hand side, it appeared to be a completely different location! Working with children on set can be difficult, especially when they are not actors, but we were fortunate to get a brilliant mother and a patient child which made all the difference in this brand advert.

Overall I love the range of projects that come through the door as each project requires a different approach and the use of different skills too!

Quickfire Questions:

What do you do in your role?

I create all things moving whilst getting the chance to play with all sorts of cameras, lenses and lighting equipment – plus I know a fair bit of editing too.

What do you actually do?

I’ve made it my mission to try and get all of Pocket Creatives’ company profits spent on more kit for me to play with. It works only half the time.

What do your team think you do?

Probably that I watch YouTube all day in the office, which to be honest I do a fair amount of, but usually it’s content I can benefit from and implement into my on-set production skills for Pocket Creatives’ clients.

Most embarrassing story?

In a massive Clementine farm in the South East of Spain near Seville, after an entire day of filming, picking and eating Clementines, I turned around to the owner and said “These oranges are the best I’ve ever had!” I didn’t think about how passively offensive this must have been to him at the time, but it does give me a good laugh every time I recall it – thankfully it makes the client chuckle every time too!

What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

Playing with kit, on and off location. Our industry is ever changing in how media is made, presented and consumed, as well as the equipment used to produce it. It’s a whole lot of fun experimenting with kit to encourage the best results.

What keeps you motivated?

The results. I am always very excited after a successful Pocket Creatives shoot thinking about what our editors will make with the content. Travelling is a huge bonus, but I save the excitement for that when it actually books.

Most annoying habit?

I sing out of the blue sometimes. Mostly when I’m in the office – the rest is done in the shower.

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working?

Cycling, electric skateboarding, go-karting, Scuba diving, sky diving, paintballing, console gaming, computer building and Lego construction. As I get older the list grows!

Haider Romero Perez at Pocket Creatives
Haider Romero Perez at Pocket Creatives
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