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Photography For Food Business Founders

More than ever, people and potential customers want to know more about who’s behind a food business or brand. A purchase is an endorsement of aligning with a brand’s values. Issues such as sustainability – both in the product itself as well as the packaging – in addition to perhaps being vegetarian, vegan and managing food intolerances, we’re all more conscious of what we’re picking up in our supermarkets.

Pocket Creatives work with lots of food businesses where the founder still pulls the strings and is the figurehead behind the brand. Brand stories are being told across the website and social channels, even on packaging, and a photo is key to putting that face to the story. We’ll very often be able to capture this for you as part of a bigger social content shoot where we’ll allow a portion of time especially for you.

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Want video as well as photography? Here’s a little taste of what we can do:

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