Food Packaging Photography

Product, packaging and pack shots can be functional or creative, and both serve a different purpose. Simple product pack shots are typically used in e-commerce on website listings and Amazon, whereas those with a more creative leaning tend to be for interest and engagement.

Simple products against white, or for cutting out with transparency, rely on perfect setups and lighting – there’s nowhere to hide! The images have to look perfect, and they’re there to show customers who you are, clean and simple.

Creative product shots tend to go a step further, and will utilise more interesting lighting, backgrounds and supporting props. While product shots of this kind are typically generated for social media or secondary images on brand websites, we’re seeing more website marketplaces replacing their simple versions with these. It’s a brave approach.

Our view is that both have their place, and particularly if you’re listing on Amazon, both tend to be a core requirement for any food or drinks brand. You can see plenty of examples below in a variety of formats.

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