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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

Your most popular questions, answered!

Now a quick word of warning: this is quite a list! It somewhat corroborates what we’ve always known – video production and photography aren’t always that simple, and what is understandable to us might not for everyone else.

So, this is designed as a helpful quick-fire guide to what our clients and prospective questions have asked us most commonly, as we’re sure that some of your out there might also want to know the same!


How much do you cost? Your prices aren’t on the website!

Video / Photography

We get it, we’re one of those annoying companies who don’t publish their prices online. We’ll both apologise for that, but also explain why. The honest answer is that without a brief and full understanding of what we need to create, it’s really hard to provide an accurate cost. Putting costs out of context just ends up being misleading, and won’t paint the full picture of how a full budget comes together. We’re also dedicated to not giving one price and then having to increase a budget, so we’d rather be able to advise from the start.

That’s also not to say that we’re expensive. Our services actually start at £330+VAT.

How many images will I get?


An annoyingly difficult question to answer, but it all depends on your brief. Our usual way of finding an accurate answer to this question is to take a brief first, ask all the questions that we need to and then work out how long each image takes to create. It’s also worth knowing that we don’t tend to under-deliver. When shooting even complex shots, we use the time between setups to grab extra close-ups, details and behind the scenes images so we should never disappoint.

Events are slightly different in that we’re shooting what already exists without having to setup. Most half day events will allow us to generate around 100 images.

Overall, we prefer to answer the question “how many will we get?” with “how many do you need?” and then we’ll find the best way to make it happen. Otherwise it ends up being quantity over quality.

Can you source models?

Video / Photography

We use a large active platform to source our models, which gives us a huge reach and range. Once we know who we’re looking for, we’ll create an ad, which is posted to tens of thousands of users. We can include shooting dates and budget, and we’ll be able to send you a shortlist to choose from.

What’s the difference between video production and videography?


Some companies and individuals will describe these differently, but at Pocket we regard video production as a team effort and videography as a single person doing all of the work themselves. We do offer both services as there’s a time and place for employing one or the other.

Typically, where the workload is outside of the realistic spectrum of a cameraman being able to do everything alone, we will utilise a 2-person team to split the responsibilities between the technicalities of shooting and operating the camera with another person to direct and produce.

Videography tends to be best suited to small events coverage.

Can I attend an edit?


You’re very welcome to attend an edit in our London office, and occasionally we can edit with you on location. We have also been known to edit on the train, in the air between cities and aboard cruise ships!

For certain projects we tend to recommend attending an edit if you’re incredibly limited on budget and time, as you’ll be able to remove the back and forth that the edit review process generates.

How long does it take to deliver my video?


When you commission us to produce a video, we’ll plot the edit days into a schedule with review points built-in. This means that we can be very specific in giving an ETA or we’ll work back from your deadline.

Can you capture video and stills at the same time?

Video / Photography

Yes we can! Although we don’t use the same equipment or the same team. We also use different lighting for video than we do for photography. What we will do is put a quote together that shares the time between the two resources.

Even though modern cameras and technology allows video to be shot on photographic cameras and image grabs to be created from videos, the principles of the two are very different. In photography, you have a single frame to tell your story and the mindset is to do just that. In video, you don’t want to tell your story in one frame, you want numerous shots that all work together with different elements that photography doesn’t have – such as sound and music.

Can I have a copy of the raw images?


Most professional photographers will say no. This is because they don’t want untrained people making adjustments to the images which might not make the best out of them.

Our perspective is that you’re more than welcome to take a copy. We’re not protective, but we don’t deliver images without being able to process them first, otherwise we’re giving away work that’s only half complete.

Can I attend a shoot?

Video / Photography

Yes, please! One common misconception is that as a creative, we don’t want you there – and that’s the complete opposite of what is helpful to us. We know how to get the best images and video, but you know your brand and what looks good to your eye. Everyone’s different, and what we think looks great might not be what you do – but you’re our client and it’s our job to give you what you want, not what we want!

It’s actually very helpful to know whether what we’re shooting is what you like, so we will ask you attend, as there’s very often no way to go back and make changes after a shoot without passing on extra costs to you, which doesn’t help anyone.

Plus, a shoot is a fun experience and it’s a great excuse to get out of the office for a day!

Can I send products to you to shoot?

Video / Photography

Of course you can! Although for the same reasons as above, you only have one option to make changes during a shoot, so we would always advise attending in person.

Why is video more expensive than photography?


Photography tends to require just a single person to shoot the images and just a few hours to process and deliver them. Video is often produced by a team over multiple days, uses more expensive equipment, preparation time and full edit days. The daily rate is very similar between photography and video, but with the extra days needed, the overall budget will be higher.

Can you provide music?


We source all of our music from a high quality and reliable library that allows us to price our music usage very affordably for projects where the video is being used digitally for audiences of a certain size. We can also upgrade licences for broadcast and theatre plays.

Do you use a food stylist on all food shoots?

Video / Photography

We actually do most of the styling ourselves with all of our food shoots. The main exception is when food needs preparing and cooking. This means that for most of our projects we don’t require one, but on those occasions that we do, a food stylist proves invaluable.

Do you have your own studio?

Video / Photography

We actually offer 4 options for shooting with us, and we price accordingly. Our base rates do not include shooting space, which allows us to offer cheaper rates to those who do not need a location. We can shoot very simple product shots in our own space, the Pocket Lab, without adding an extra charge – although this is limited to work with small products and simple backgrounds.

We then have our main Pocket Studio space, which is amply proportioned for shoots of all kinds with a large background and room for food and drink to fashion work. The adjacent kitchen gives us plenty of room for food prep, clothing racks, meeting space and more.

We can also hire a studio space, and we have a strong network across London for convenient options. Although, we do recommend our partner studio who are based close to our offices and give us preferential rates and terms.

Lifestyle locations are often a perfect fit as well, such as hotels, or Airbnb’s – which can be especially useful if you’re looking for a modern kitchen, a cosy scandi-style living room, or spa-esque bathroom.

Lastly, we’re also happy to come to you. The only charge there is travel, which is only charged at cost.

Above all, the message we want you to take away is that between us, we’ll find the best fit – and one that’s not just based on price.

How long does it take to deliver my images?


Easy one! Our standard turnaround is 7 days, although we will add them to our process list to be done as soon as possible. We can also fit them in sooner on a priority turnaround if requested at the point of booking, although this may carry an additional cost.

Will you shoot with natural lighting or controlled lighting?

Video / Photography

We actually prefer to bring our own lighting, as natural light looks lovely, but we’re not blessed with loads of it in the UK! Natural light will also change as the sun (more likely, clouds!) do – which would result in slight but noticeable inconsistencies from one shot to the next. This tends to be fine for outdoor events as we can correct and prioritise skin tones, but if we’re shooting product sets that need to look the same from one to the other then we’ll certainly light with flash.

Video almost always needs plenty of light, otherwise you end up with material that looks a bit lifeless and lacking in gloss. We have invested in cameras that will cope well in low light, but we’ll always take a view from one shoot to the next in order to help us get the best results.

How do you work with agencies?

Video / Photography

We tend to fit in with agencies really well, as we often fill the creative gap that some don’t have in-house. We’ve kept those relationships strong by being trustworthy and reliable.

Do you only work in the UK?

Video / Photography

Thankfully not! We’re seasoned, and very happy travellers. All of our kit is portable and we’re used to the regular pitfalls of shooting in different zones and the impacts that other electric circuits can have on video capture.

How can I get more out of my images?


Still images can actually work harder for you than you think. We have been known to create short product and event videos by manipulating still images, coupled with music to really great effect. It’s an even more cost-effective way to achieve video.

With pre-planning we can also create moving GIF images, although these will take a little longer and carry an additional cost to create the video elements.

You have worked with similar brands to mine, how will you differentiate my images?

Video / Photography

Rather than just be seen as a service provider, we like to offer a more consultative approach. This means that we don’t just turn up with a camera and shoot, instead we talk to you in depth to find out more about the brand and the look and feel of the images that we create for each of our clients individually.

Can I have the copyright ownership of the images transferred to me?


Copyright in the UK exists with the creator of the images, so even though you’re paying for them, we would own the rights to the images. This isn’t something that we’re precious about, and will more than happy sign copyright ownership over to you, you would just have to provide the document and we’ll sign it! We don’t charge for this, all we ask is that we can use the images in our portfolio.

Can you add subtitles?


Of course! We’ll send your video away for transcription, which is usually delivered back to us within 24-48 hours, and we’ll take the returning file and apply it to your video, making any timing and spelling amends along with a full quality control check.

Will I need different formats of my video for social media?


As standard, we’ll produce video in the native widescreen format that it’s captured in. This works perfectly for television and YouTube in particular. Where life gets a little more complicated is with social media channels that have their own ideal sizes.

Facebook likes widescreen video (and prefers you to upload directly rather than to post a link) but Facebook Stories are usually best viewed tall and thin, or what we regard loosely as 9:16 format.

Instagram will also allow you to post video in widescreen and choose to crop this if you wish, with 1:1 or square formats preferred. One thing to look out for here is any action or text outside of that centre square which would get cropped if this is done automatically. Insta Stories are also best sized for being tall and thin to take advantage of the full viewing area of the screen.

We’ll usually check with you at the briefing stage whether you need to allow for extra time and budget for manually making social media-friendly versions as part of your deliverables.

Do you keep all of the raw media?


Due to the professional cameras that we shoot with, we generate high quality large files for us to create your videos with. These tend to be quite large in terms of file sizes and we have to purchase expensive high performance drives to store this ‘raw’ material on while we edit. When the edit is finished and we have delivered your master video(s) we would usually delete the raw material as it’s no longer needed unless you’re likely to want to create further videos or make changes to your video in future. If this is the case then we can store your raw material at a cost or copy it to a drive of your own if you’re not sure whether you’ll need it again or not.

How do I download videos?


We deliver our video via Vimeo, which we use for sending you review copies for feedback during the edit process, and also for the delivery of your finished master.

You will be able to download on your laptop or PC in different file sizes from the link that we send you.

What do I gain by upgrading?

Video / Photography

We’re careful of only upselling for the right reasons, as our standard equipment does a great job as it is. What you usually gain by upgrading to a higher spec camera may be a better quality of image or the ability to produce high frame rate slow motion (great for water, powder or action shots). We’ll also occasionally recommend upgraded lighting options, if we’re having to light large groups or spaces.

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