Crowdfunding Video Production

When putting together your new campaign, the crowdfunding video production is one of the key elements to consider, regardless of your launch platform. We can offer a variety of creative visual storytelling techniques to express your idea, whether that be to sell a product or offer a service.

You can also see more on our crowdfunding photography and content creation here.

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Crowdfunding Video Production
Crowdfunding Video Production
Crowdfunding Video Production

Some of our crowdfunding video productions:

Watch our latest full video production showreel:

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Ready, set, go…

If you’re crowdfunding for your business, you’ll be in need of a crowdfunding video for your campaign, and we would love to be your crowdfunding video production company of choice. The crowdfunding video production is often the centrepiece of the campaign, whether it be for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seedrs or Crowdcube.

We’ve been privileged to be part of some wonderful campaigns over the years, and we’ve delivered crowdfunding video productions designed to sell services and products as well as the inspirational people behind them.

Storytelling is so important, and potential investors are buying into the full package rather than just your end result. It’s fair to say that most of you who appear in front of our cameras are not always the most comfortable – after all, you’re business owners not TV presenters! We do all we can to put you at ease and make that part of the project more bearable.

The start of our crowdfunding video production process is to understand as much about your business as possible, and we’ll share a short questionnaire with you so that we can get up to speed with your market and your place within it. We also like to understand the features of your business and your USPs, all of which help us build a better crowdfunding video production.

From here, we’ll work with you to generate some ideas and try to find a good budget fit. As with all of our projects, our charges for crowdfunding video production projects are based entirely on time – which helps us to scale how we charge.


What we can do

There’s a subtle difference in approach depending on whether you’re looking for equity-based investment or are going for a rewards-based platform, and we can help advise on the most suitable structure for your crowdfunding video production to best suit each.

Our video production team will focus on your story, your product/service and are mindful of your campaign. Your crowdfunding video production may actually resemble more of a product video, topped and tailed with extra messaging to tailor it to an investor audience.

Your campaign is much more than just a crowdfunding video production however, and you’ll need to keep the energy up for the duration of the full campaign. We can also create a range of photography and other visual content to maximise that social media buzz, hero images for the web and for newsletter releases to help you stay the course.

Who we’ve worked with

We love getting on board with new businesses, and had the pleasure of working with Cauli Rice, Saucy Affair (now Tanya’s Just Real), Optiat (now UpCirlce) amongst others. Perhaps our most memorable was a fun-filled trip to the Canary Islands to create a crowdfunding video production for Moreno Coffee.

A great example

The work that we’ve done with Tanya’s Just Real is probably our longest serving relationship at Pocket Creatives. We’ve been involved at each step of their campaigns as their business has grown and developed, producing everything from very simple videography to cover events and product tastings, to full crowdfunding video production with coaching for the presentations to camera.


How we work

We’ve tried to make the commissioning process for crowdfunding video production services as easy and digestible as possible. We’ll discuss your brief in detail prior to filming which will allow us to understand the full scope of what you’re trying to achieve. We can either quote from the ground-up or work to a pre-set budget – we know everyone will have different spending requirements and limitations, and we do our best to accommodate that budget when providing crowdfunding video production services.

Once we know what we need to deliver, we’ll finalise the creative approach with you, organise the dates and capture your footage. The edit process almost always takes longer than production, so we’ll allow for multiple days of work to include time for review and changes. We’ll deliver digital online viewing copies in the run-up to sign-off, but you’re also welcome to join us if you’d rather edit in person.

The beauty of working with video is the options available, and we can usually scale the crowdfunding video production services we provide up or down to find the best quality and budget fit.

A video camera icon on a black background.

Technically speaking

For techy readers, we shoot using the latest Panasonic cameras, from the new S1H series. They use some of the latest imaging technology, meaning that they produce exceptional images and respond better than most in challenging lighting conditions. This forms the centrepiece of our video production services, and will allow us up to 6K in resolution and higher quality slow motion.

We complement the cameras with our range of fast lenses to make the best of the full frame sensor. We have super sharp primes, flexible zooms and macro abilities for high quality at all focal lengths.

In addition, we have upgraded clients to work with RED, Blackmagic, Canon C Series and Kinefinity Mavo cameras where we have needed to provide bespoke solutions. These have enabled capture up to 6K with greater detail and higher impact slow motion capabilities.

As standard, we come with sound and lighting, and a number of creative options such as slider movements, gimbals, GoPros and more can be added on.


The whole package

We have the vast majority of what we need to provide quality crowdfunding video production services in house, right from pre-production, planning, scripting, talent and location sourcing –  through to production, edit, QC and delivery.

Our studio space in London Waterloo gives us a great base to handle all kinds of video production in-house too.

We use strategic partners to support us, from talent directories, to specialist equipment hire, studios and more.

You’ll also find some of our recommended suppliers here who provide everything from agency services to digital, design and web services.

Below, you’ll find a full outline of the services we offer.


Full crowdfunding video production services


Pre-production planning and scripting








Video editing


Location sourcing


Hair and makeup artists






Graphics and motion


Models, actors and voice artists


Studio hire




Special equipment upgrades

What They Say

upcircle logo

“We worked with Steven, Lauren and Haider after meeting them at the London Coffee Festival. Although our brief had a strict budget and tight deadline to adhere to, the Pocket Creatives team were incredibly flexible and produced a video of extremely high quality. Indeed, the video, which was for a Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign, helped us to overfund in less than a week!
The Pocket Creatives team come highly recommended and we would be thrilled to work with them again in the future!”

Will Brightman, UpCircle

tanyas just real logo

“I have been working with Steven and the brilliant Pocket Creatives crew for 4 years – in fact since they started out. They have captured in excess of 100 recipes, produced 7 videos including 2 crowdfunding campaigns, their work, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction second to none. What’s more is how they have developed, evolved and grown in creativity, experience, and inspiration.
On a personal front the individuals in the team have to most wonderful personalities – an absolute joy to work with!”

Tanya Robertson-Lambert, Tanya’s Just Real

good grain bakery logo

“I can’t begin to tell you how engaging and amazing a company promo video is. I was a little tired of repeating the same pitch today so I decided to play our new video instead. It was the best approach so far so If anyone is looking for a brand promo or crowdfunding vid, I highly recommend Steven Mayatt and his team at Pocket Creatives.”

Tara Taylor, Good Grain Bakery

dr pawpaw logo

“The Pocket team were a pleasure to work with, not only were they super prepared, on time and professional but the quality of work they delivered in a short space of time was fab. I would recommend Pocket Creatives, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and are thrilled with our short video.”

Holly Sud, DrPawPaw


“Really pleased with the brilliant job that Kelly, Maddy, Bryony, Steven and team put into our product shoot. They really listened to what we were looking to achieve and were able to bring that vision to life in a way that comprehensively communicates our brand look and feel. Contact with the team was great, the shoot itself went off without a hitch and the results were delivered faster that expected. I’ll be coming back for more and would recommend Pocket Creatives to anyone looking for a friendly, talented, professional team to make their dreams a reality.”

Edward Davies, Wearth

masabi logo

“Great team, great company. Very happy with all the videos Pocket have done for us. Very consultative and experts in their field.”

James Gooch, Masabi