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In honesty, we’ve stumbled into creating crowdfunding videos as part of our commitment to working with young businesses and startups, where many of them have worked towards a crowdfunding campaign as part of their early journey.

We’ve found ourselves to be a good fit, partly because the quality we can deliver at an affordable price naturally makes us quite attractive at that stage of a business’s life.

Secondly, the more we have been involved in these, the more we have had the opportunity to learn about the process, the nuances between the funding platforms, and also seeing the perspectives and understanding the needs of a full campaign outside of just the video requirements.

We know everyone will go about crowdfunding video production in their own way, but the aspects we find important are:

Understand your audience – are you speaking to potential customers or investors? Investors might want to know more about you and the market and business opportunities, whilst customers will be more interested in the details, such as flavours and information on the products or services themselves.

This is about your story – viewers need to feel your drive want to see your personality along with the strengths of your company, along with what makes you different.

The interview – the traditional route is to build the video around your interview and using it as the spine. We would usually advise speaking about you and your brand, the how and the why you created it, its place in the market, USPs and key selling points, how you will use your investment and ambitions for the future. For those who might be a little camera-shy, take comfort in knowing that most people we’ve filmed for crowdfunding don’t really want to be in front of the camera – this is perfectly normal, just try to relax and do the best you can!

The visuals – you video needs to look as good as it sounds, with vibrant and interesting visual representations of what you or your product does. Ideally, plan to capture as much as you can in the time you have – and focus on your products, the people who are part of your business, processes and anything unique that will help to tell your story. It is quality over quantity however, so choose wisely!

Your budget – it stands to reason that there’s no point in spending a fortune otherwise you’re just eating further into the funds that you’re crowdfunding for! At the same time, if you’re trying to raise £250k, then filming something poorly lit, with muffled sound and wobbly pictures isn’t the way either. There’s no magic formula to determine how much you should spend, but your production company should be able to advise where your money is best spent for greater on-screen value.

Don’t forget that the video is only part of the campaign – if you consider that your crowdfund may last for 30, 45 or 60 days then you’ll need enough material to keep people interested over that whole period. Think about creating short interview clips that can be sectioned-off from your main video, gathering plenty of photography, writing blog posts and look to generate daily engagement on social media to help maintain the pace from start to finish.

The last thought we can offer is all the luck in the world, and we’re always open to discussing our experiences and provide advice to anyone about start their journey!

You can see our full crowdfunding portfolio here, and perhaps our biggest crowdfunding triumph is the work that we’ve done for food brand Tanya’s JustReal – who you’ll be seeing on supermarket shelves everywhere very soon!

crowdfunding videos for good grain bakery
Larsson & Jennings / Joopio
Larsson & Jennings / Joopio
Larsson & Jennings / Joopio

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