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Creative photography shows the Pocket Creatives team at our very best, and our creative food photography is some of the work that we’re most proud of. What we’re finding at the moment is that there’s a distinct need for both standard product and packaging shots that form the basis of website and Amazon listings, but also more scope for generating more eye-catching and engaging photography.

Creative food photography is designed to do a very different job to standard product shots. They should show your product or your dish in a more vibrant light, with a closer eye on how they will perform on social media channels. We’re increasingly seeing more creative imagery on listings as well.

When we’re creating photography of this kind, we’ll frequently look at how we can use more interesting and edgy lighting techniques, non-standard composition and big close-ups, or support the core product with ingredients and props. We’re also big fans of freezing movement, so food which contain grains, seeds, spices and powders tend to work brilliantly as you can achieve some wonderful results.

creative food photography for twisting spirits

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