Becoming COVID Secure…


We take health and safety seriously at the best of times. Now that we’re all faced with the challenges that COVID-19 presents we’re working fully with government guidelines to ensure that we’re COVID secure and protecting our team, our suppliers, visitors, clients and the wider public.

We have outlined below the ways in which we can help to limit exposure and transmission of the virus, and to remain COVID secure, and we’ll be updating this as the recommendations change.

Steven Haider Lauren at Pocket Creatives

In accordance with government guidelines, we have identified below ways to prevent or control the risk of spread or transmission of COVID19 in our various workplaces, and help them remain COVID secure.

This assessment has been shared with our workforce and will be shared with any suppliers/contractors, visitors and clients who we will be working with.


Identifying what work activity or situations that may cause transmission of the COVID19 virus.

Our working environments have been broken down below into: office areas, shooting spaces (such as studios), when we’re working in other people’s homes and on transport.

Office Operations:

·       The Pocket Creatives office has been temporarily closed to allow for removal of any risk to staff and others from our office environment

·       Editing equipment has been moved into homes to avoid any sharing of workstations and computers

·       Pre-production and planning meetings to take place by phone or video call rather than face to face

·       Only travel out of the home for work where necessary

·       Own transport should be the preferred method of travel where possible, avoiding public transport

Shooting Operations:

·       Ask for full clean of the studio before arrival and after vacating

·       Encourage regular handwashing and availability of soap in washrooms and toilets

·       Provide hand sanitiser and make staff and clients aware of hygiene procedure

·       Minimising the number of attendees on any shoot

·       Maintain 2m social distancing where possible

·       Adjust shooting plans to avoid close-up work that would usually be less than 2m away from another person

·       Reducing the amount of shared equipment

·       No shooting directly face to face if working at a proximity of less than 2m

·       Individuals’ food and drink should be brought to a shoot, with no sharing of food or drink allowed

·       Increase ventilation of indoor spaces by opening windows if possible

Working in other people’s homes:

·       No work to take place in a home where any member of that household is isolating

·       Wash hands on arrival

·       Regular cleaning of regularly-used surfaces with usual cleaning products

·       Communicating in advance with a household to discuss risks and steps to avoid and control

·       Maintain 2m social distancing guidelines as much as possible

·       Share our risk assessment in advance with the household

·       Ask that internal doors are left open to minimise contact with door handles

·       Use a fixed pairing system where possible

·       Remove all waste from the area at the end of shooting


·       Aim to travel alone where possible first before considering sharing vehicles and journeys

·       Cleaning of car regularly with gloves and standard cleaning products on areas which would be touched by passengers

·       Limit the number of passengers to aid distancing in the vehicle

·       Maintain good ventilation

·       Position passengers away from each other

We will stay up to date with the latest Government guidance.

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