Christmas Photography Content


Christmas Photography Content

We love this time of year, it’s a great opportunity to be creative and find new or different ways to use the same key visuals that we all have been for years: the tree, presents, tinsel, wrapping paper, fake snow. It’s arguably the easiest time for a photographer with so many cues all around.

This year we’ve created more seasonal photography content than ever before, both for food and drink and our beauty products clients. One aspect we’ve had to be a little more aware of is mixing Christmas themes with brand guidelines – equally important for both established and smaller or emerging new brands.

As part of our offering this year, we’ve been able to incorporate Christmas themes within full and half day bookings, and also by offering mini sessions to create small volume imagery just for the Christmas period.

A few of our favourites are below, let us know which ones you like, and have a very merry Christmas!

Steven Mayatt, Creative Director and Photographer

Steven Mayatt of Pocket Creatives

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