spice sanctuary shot by pocket creatives Products
Spice Sanctuary spices photographed by Pocket Creatives
Spice Sanctuary spices photographed by Pocket Creatives
Spice Sanctuary spices photographed by Pocket Creatives Food and drink

All The Spices!

Food photography with an added kick…

Januarys can be pretty slow, almost anxiety-inducingly slow, and never in my professional life have I encountered a busy January. In 2018 that seems to have changed!

We had a lovely little food photography shoot to kick off the year, to get us limbered up, the juices flowing and the flash guns firing. This lead on quite nicely to a shoot that had been in the planning for almost 9 months…

Our food photography shoot for Spice Sanctuary began with an equally uncharacteristically quiet drive into Kent from London – not that I’m complaining, but seriously, where are all the people?! It seems many have woken up after new year and just gone ‘nope’ and dozed back off again!

We very often shoot at our client’s houses and office spaces, particularly when products don’t necessarily travel too well, or when our client is juggling multiple tasks – one of the many challenges of being a business owner!

This being a shoot for blended spices, we had always seen the opportunity in this one – the fine detail, the colours, the drama! And we weren’t disappointed. We had an ambitious schedule, with around 15 key setups across the day, but with only two background changes this meant we could get the lighting right once and then play with the composition and styling.

The styling of the setups allowed us to play with shapes, colours and textures. We wanted an approach that allowed each product capture to have its own ‘personality’ by introducing ingredients, but making heroes of the products themselves, keeping those central.

After capturing each master shot we would jump in to grab big detailed macro shots of the key ingredients and for this we favoured a dramatic hard side light which creates shadows and depth.

Overall we delivered over 100 images from the 15 setups we created. We’ve therefore been able to generate not only heavily designed product shots, but a supporting cast of imagery that lends itself perfectly for social media and promotional use.

Trusha Patel, owner of Spice Sanctuary had this to say:

“A fantastic experience working with Steven and Lauren – amazing creativity, fast turnaround time and great value for money for what ended up being a big portfolio of high quality product and lifestyle photos. Would definitely recommend and work with them again!”

Spice Sanctuary
spice sanctuary
Spice Sanctuary

This combination of complexly design flat lay setups with stylised lighting and a second round of shooting to capture high quality and eye-catching macro images has become a staple part of our food photography offering at Pocket Creatives.

Food photography itself can follow a pattern – there’s a look, there’s often a style, and while audiences have come to expect certain shots to be present when either engaging online or socially, they’re more often wanting to be excited by what they see. Macro allows us to do just that, without adding a huge amount of extra time to a photo shoot or to the editing afterwards.

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