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Pocket Creatives in London is an independent creative production team specialising in video production, photography and digital content creation for food & drink, beauty & cosmetics, health & wellbeing, products & technology, events and crowdfunding campaigns.
We work with businesses of all sizes – from established household names to emerging brands, start-ups, and creative agencies who trust us to deliver alongside them.
We offer modular pricing for affordability alongside our great level of service, and fantastic visual quality.

What We Do:

We pride ourselves on our adaptability to deliver quality results in video production and photography projects of all kinds - we love the variety that brings and we wouldn't have it any other way. We could be shooting vegan snacks one day and a beauty brand film the next.

That's our superhero power.

This variety and every new challenge keeps us fresh and encourages greater creativity.
Actually, our combined coffee intake is our superpower, but these would be a close second!

Here's a breakdown of what we offer:

video production icon at Pocket Creatives

Professional video production services, creatively produced in HD, 4K and 6K for great visual quality alongside the excellent service we provide for all our clients

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Fast and efficient video editing using the Adobe creative suite of editing, sound and colour grading tools

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A scaleable service built on either affordable templates and custom tailored designs, so we can provide a fit for all video production needs

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Our music library subscription gives us access to thousands of high quality licenced tracks at a very reasonable price per track, great for value and versatility

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Voiceovers are recorded remotely by voice artists in their own professional studios for cost-effectiveness, quality and speed of delivery

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Our media partner provides transcripts from video within as little as 24 hours ready for us to add to your final video for subtitled masters

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Digital photography captured in 36 megapixels for excellent quality and definition for all outputs from simple packshots to social content and advertising

image processing icon at Pocket Creatives

Photography processing and optimising through Adobe RAW, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop

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Increasingly popular, we’re able to offer moving GIF images as part of both video production and photography bookings for added creative options

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We use a worldwide network of talent to help us fulfil any brief, whether you’re looking for a hand model, a face for your brand or an actor to deliver your lines

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Professionally completed makeup and hair can make the difference between good and great on projects centred around talent in front of the lens

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We use reliable high grade fast storage for the duration of your video production or photography project, with the option for us to store longer term for more extensive projects

preproduction planning icon at Pocket Creatives

All projects benefit from clear planning and goals, which we undertake before any new video production or photography project to make sure that we’re all on-track

special offers and video production quotes at pocket creatives

We take the time to scope the full photography or video production project at the very start to keep us all on-track

location icon at Pocket Creatives

We have our own studio in London, and work with spaces across the UK in addition to offering homes, kitchens, and outdoor spaces that fit your brief

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We do all of our own styling for video production and photography projects, and will be able to provide food stylists for projects where cooking and styling are required

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We have a stack of portable backgrounds in house, which helps take the edge off your styling budget, and offers plenty of options while we can also source bespoke

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We work in an industry where new techniques and equipment become available to help us make your photography or video production project look unique, and a little more ‘you’


We work with a variety of brands in different ways, depending on the needs of the client and the project. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution, we’re about being tailored and personal. This means we can deliver better results, offer great value for money and build long-standing relationships with our clients.

Our past year…

Projects Completed
Minutes Watched
Images Delivered
Clients Worked With

Despite the challenges that 2020 threw at us all, we’ve created many positives from it, having moved into our video production and photography studio and expanding our team.

The Pocket team have delivered 98 individual projects for 78 different clients, across food & drink, beauty, technology and crowdfunding.

We’ve helped businesses launch new products and promote established ones, advertised across television and all the usual social media channels.

The huge volume of content that we’ve output has had a great deal of care, love and attention go into them.

Hot Stone London

In video production this year, we continue to create the monthly food recipe videos for Co-op Food and have now produced over 130 recipes and counting!

In the past year we have have met some wonderful people, told some great stories, and delivered powerful messages. Amongst the headlines: we worked with Frylight to help families cook better at home, got all lathered up with Soap & Glory‘s seasonal releases in stop motion and trod the catwalk with fashion brand Christian Kye. We launched exciting new tech with mobile phone and tech company Realme, and launched new vitamin brand Dermashotz with their new brand film.

Across 2020 our video production clients have watched over a whopping 337 hours of the video content that we’ve delivered to them, and it’s increasing daily as we go into 2021.

Yop and Tom

By the end of the year, our photography team delivered an enormous 10,041 images (yes, we counted!) and our achievements included our yearly web and social content for beauty stalwart Yardley, new product captures for vibrant skincare brand Urban Veda, colourful jewellery photography for designer Licenced to Charm, and stylised sets for upcoming cocktail creator Tom Savano. We also tempted tastebuds with all manner of culinary delights including recipe photography for Bay’s Kitchen and high-end food photography at the award winning Hot Stone London at their mouthwatering sushi restaurant.


There’s over 16 years of experience in our creative team. We love what we do, and you’re in safe hands. Or maybe that should be ‘hand’, as we are more than likely to be holding a camera in the other one!

Come in, take a look around, and see what we can do to support your next video production or photography project…

panasonic s1h video camera
Filming GrippyPlus in the studio by Pocket Creatives
filming recipe videos

Who We're Trusted By:

Pocket Creatives client logos for photography and video production
Pocket Creatives client logos for photography and video production
Pocket Creatives client logos for photography and video production
Pocket Creatives client logos for photography and video production
Pocket Creatives client logos for photography and video production
the telegraph logo

“The guys at Pocket Creatives were super knowledgeable and helpful – I definitely felt as though our video production project was in safe hands! They were flexible and adaptable to what we needed and the content they produced for us was fantastic!”

behind the scenes in video production

“The team are an absolute pleasure to work with – showcasing the highest levels of dedication and professionalism at all times. Going above and beyond always with enthusiasm and delivering the brief to an incredible standard. As a PR agency we work with them regularly for seasonal shoots and events and I cannot recommend working with them enough.”

urban veda logo

“The Pocket Creatives team really helped us achieve our vision and worked solidly and enthusiastically throughout the day. We had ideas of what we wanted, and Steven used his expertise to make that happen. An absolute delight to work with and would highly recommend.”

Urban Veda
opatra logo

“I would highly recommend Pocket Creatives. A fantastic team to work with, extremely professional and always there to help. 4 months on from producing amazing photography work and a great video, they are still at the other end of the phone helping me with questions I have. The quality of work is outstanding as well as everything else!! Thank you guys, you are amazing at what you do!”

leighton denny logo

“We were in need of new digital collateral and after a great recommendation we worked with Pocket Creatives on a video production to showcase the brand in a new light.

From going through initial concepts and interpreting our brief, to sourcing location and of course the filming and direction on the day, Steven and the team were amazing and have a great eye for the details.

We are thrilled with the end result, it was beyond expectation. We can’t recommend them enough and are looking forward to the next shoot!”

Leighton Denny Expert Nails
olio logo

“I worked with the Pocket Creatives team to create a recipe video, and I couldn’t recommend their services enough! From the ideation stage, through to filming and editing the finished product, at every stage, the whole team were first-class, going above and beyond to create a compelling, high-quality recipe video that generated heaps of engagement. I would definitely work them again.”


Latest News:

video production icon at Pocket Creatives

2021 has seen us produce more adverts for TV than in previous years, and we got off to a great start with this creation for Prestige Flowers. Spread across two days on location, we balanced crew, cast and dogs to make Prestige their first ever television ad.

producer director icon at Pocket Creatives

Adding to the raft of beauty brands working with us at Pocket this year, we’re thrilled to have started producing both photography and video content for skincare company Romilly Wilde. Lots of opportunities here to be creative, so watch this space!

photography icon at Pocket Creatives

Another foray into TV advertising for us sees us deliver this cute ad for Little Cooks Co. This is a great example of how we can create excellent results worthy on television without having to find enormous budgets.

prestige flowers tv advert
romilly wilde beauty photography
little cooks tv ad

Doing Some Good

We like to think that we’re a nice company, but we can all do more. So from May 2021 we’ve teamed up with Ecologi which will enable us to plant trees across the world. For every new project we’ll plant some new trees, so we can all give a little back to the planet 🙂

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