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We like to think of ourselves as the perfect creative partner: whether you're an established brand, an agency, or a brand-spanking new startup, we can help.

We’ve proven ourselves to some of the UK’s biggest agencies to create some cracking work together, delivering our full service to support both large and small productions.

We also work with plenty of individuals and brands who aren’t as familiar with the video production process, who might need extra support and guidance.

So, whether you’d like us to create a promotional video, shoot your lifestyle photography, cover your event, record your new podcast, or spearhead your crowdfunding video campaign, we make it as easy as we can by helping with the full process from start to finish.

Over 350 clients have chosen to work with us, what could we do for you? 🙂

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beauty photography




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With so many video production companies out there, why choose Pocket Creatives?

Here’s 4 reasons to make us your next creative video production and photography partner…

Tom Savano
Tom Savano


We pride ourselves on our quality of service above everything else. We’ve taken the time to build a cracking little team at Pocket, and we make sure that you feel the benefits of working with a dedicated team who are there for the success of your project.


Quality should be a given at the professional end of our market. Sure, there’s a time and a place for a one-man-band who can run around capturing shots, but what you get with us is the benefit of an expert team, full project planning, creative execution and delivery.


We’re all suffering here in the current climate of rocketing living costs, energy price hikes and general uncertainty. At Pocket, we deliver work to both small and large businesses, and we do that knowing we have to provide the best value we can.


Adaptability and flexibility is our superpower. Having the ability to deliver quality results in video production and photography projects of different kinds – we love the variety that brings and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You’ll find us to be a supportive and friendly bunch. We’re all here because we’re passionate about what we do, and we strive to ensure that you have a great time throughout the creative process. Video production should be fun too, right?!”

Steven Mayatt, MD & Creative Director

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Let's break the taboo and talk about pricing, shall we?

Budgeting for creative services like video production and photography is rarely straightforward as there are often so many factors that have an impact on the overall cost.

We have a great tool for helping us to work it all out for you very quickly. You’ll just need to send us a basic brief to get started, and we’ll ask some questions to help fill-in any gaps.

To give you an idea, most of our complete projects tend to sit in the £2000-£3000 range, but we can also take video projects as low as £1500, and have delivered projects that exceed £30,ooo at the top end, for things like TV ads.

It all depends what you need, but it’s our job to help work that out and give you the best advice we can. We’re not here to irresponsibly spend all of your money – we’re here to offer you great value and deliver great results so that you want to come back and work with us again.

You can find out more about how we budget for both video production and photography projects here.

Digital Marketing Video Production Services at Pocket Creatives
Digital Marketing Video Production Services at Pocket Creatives
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video production and photography at pocket creatives
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“The guys at Pocket Creatives were super knowledgeable and helpful – I definitely felt as though our video production project was in safe hands! They were flexible and adaptable to what we needed and the content they produced for us was fantastic!”

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“The Pocket Creatives team have been fantastic! They went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the end result. They are very responsive and have been a pleasure to work with. We are excited to continue with further projects! Special thanks to the team for all your hard work.”

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“The Pocket Creatives team really helped us achieve our vision and worked solidly and enthusiastically throughout the day. We had ideas of what we wanted, and Steven used his expertise to make that happen. An absolute delight to work with and would highly recommend.”

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prestige flowers tv advert
Urban Veda
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Pocket Creatives were just what we had been looking for. Having a creative team that understand how the brand must communicate, with consistent and clean imagery is critical and PC really capture this. A lovely team to boot, who are obsessed with the detail and getting the most from the brief. Great team, multi-disciplined and talented bunch.”


Pocket Creatives is a superstar team that has consistently delivered above and beyond for the multiple projects they have worked on for us at realme. From product launch video production, video livestreaming and model photography, this talented team have met the brief and produced engaging and polished content. The team approaches every brief with enthusiasm, bringing great ideas and flexibility when it comes to execution. Pocket Creatives is our first point of call when it comes to video production and photography work and we highly recommend them!”

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“We were recommended Pocket Creatives by our PR agency, and have been thrilled with their professionalism, responsiveness, willingness to implement feedback and flexibility. Our internal challenges often mean we’re a little last minute and work to short deadlines, but Pocket have exceeded our expectations and created a high standard of work with very little guidance.”

romilly wilde
skinny tan video production at pocket creatives

Our video production and photography services cover the full process from start to finish.

We work with brands in different ways, tailoring and personalising our service rather than offering off-the-shelf templates. This helps us deliver better results, offer better value for money and build long-term relationships with our clients.

Full service solutions, here’s what we can offer:

lay flat photography
lay flat photography
Video Production

Professional video production services, produced in HD, 4K and 6K for excellent visual quality

Video Editing

Fast and efficient video production editing using the Adobe Creative Suite for editing, sound and colour grading

Video Subtitling

Subtitling for videos has become a standard request in our staple of video deliverables

Music & Sound Effects

Our music library subscription gives us easy access to thousands of high quality licenced tracks

Models & Actors

Through partnerships with leading agencies and directories across the UK, we can take the stress out of finding the right talent

Hair & Make up Artists

We partner with a number of hair and makeup artists who work with us to make sure those on screen always look their best

Props & Backgrounds

Your dedicated producer will work with you to provide the right props and materials for your shoot, and we stock a number of backgrounds in-house

Food Stylist & Fashion Stylists

Some projects need extra support, either with food prep or clothing, provided by our expert freelance connections

Scripting & Creative Direction

We can shoot to your guidance and ideas or we can propose and script your video for you

Project Planning & Pre-Production

Taking the time and utilising our experience at the start of a project helps to ensure smooth sailing!

Specialist Video Kit

From probe lenses to gimbals and drones, we can provide extra equipment to lift the quality of any video production project

Slow Motion Video

Most cameras will offer an element of slow motion, but to do it properly we offer ideal frame rates and lighting

Take a look at how we work:

corporate video production company pocket creatives
corporate video production company pocket creatives
A video camera icon on a black background.

Continuing our excellent relationship with skincare beauty brand Romilly Wilde, our latest set of content involved a combination of product video production and creative product photography to support new product launches and social media content.


2023 has certainly been a year for skincare, and we’ve strengthened our ties with Japanese brand Athletia and their gorgeous products. Our product photography has allowed us the freedom to demonstrate creativity and quality for their latest product releases.


Our first project for Australian beauty brand Vida Glow saw us provide video production services at the 5 Days Of Beauty event with Vogue in London. This is a great example of our agility, delivering a blend of full video production and event / product videographer style skills.

romilly wilde beauty photography
athletia product photography and product videographer services
vida glow event videography and product videographer

We like to think that we’re a nice company, but we can all do more. So from May 2021 to mid 2024 we teamed up with Ecologi which will enabled us to plant trees across the world. For every new video production and photography project completed we planted some new trees, so we can all give a little back to the planet.

We’re also investing more time into being more considerate over our climate footprint. You can read a little on our new sustainability commitments here.